By nolove - 04/05/2009 02:12 - Canada

Today, before going to bed my phone lit up and I got all excited because I thought it was a text message. My phone was finished charging. FML
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How can anybody even say their life is fucked because they didn't get a text message? Personally, I didn't get a text message all day! MY LIFE MUST BE FUCKED! However, on second thought, the fact that this upset you is enough for me to agree that your life is fucked.

That happens to me too, sadface :(


wow your life really sucks.

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I agree with #1.

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Ikr....He must! Be lonely :(

Seriously? This is what makes it past moderation these days?

That happens to me occasionally, but I never thought it was worthy of sharing with the world...

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rly? you must live a charmed life if this constitutes a fml.

That happens to me too, sadface :(

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More of an "aw shucks" moment than an FML. But yea that does suck when that happens.

That has been happening to me almost every night lately. I feel you. :)

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i am really worried about you if you get excited over a text message. do you really lack a social life so badly that a text message is enough to get you excited; and when it turns out not to be a text message, you think your life is fucked? really? : S

My phone randomly lights up all the time and I think it's a text message, but it's not. This is truly not FML-worthy.

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