By life// - 08/01/2013 23:56 - Canada - Fort Mcmurray

Today, I was walking my dog when he decided that he was too lazy to continue walking. It ended up with me looking like a crazy dog lady carrying my medium-sized dog home. FML
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Bostern 29

Or.... You would've looked like some kind of hero carrying a tired dog around. People like that stuff, ask the Internet.


Bostern 29
StalkerChick 13

Yea, at least she doesn't have a St. Bernard.

spekledworf 18

When I was young, my stubborn rottie decided she wanted to sleep in the middle of a busy intersection. Not fun.

tjv3 10

Umm he is a dog . You are on top in the food chain. Make him walk

untouchable763 10

Least he wasn't in your purse.

flockz 19

no no he was just tired of being mistaken for a bitch.

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iOceanus 18

I sense some... petsism going on here. Wait, is that even a word?

If you thought you looked crazy, you might as well have played the whole part. "Now what did we say about chasing the cupcake fairies?!"

I may get down voted for this, but I literally laughed out loud at the mental image of OP doing that!

We don't chase them. Just the pink mini giraffes that give out purple pikachus that have the acid tablets that only cost one nose hair. The cupcake faries pillow cases cost two nose hairs and a tooth! So in conclusion if u lick perfume, I'm afraid of staplers.

Ummm what I got the first part but at staplers you lost me.

I favorited this just because of your comment/

Or.... You would've looked like some kind of hero carrying a tired dog around. People like that stuff, ask the Internet.

Yes. Carrying an adorable dog exponentially increases a person's attractiveness. Speaking of, I need a 'good-looking people holding doggies 2013' calendar. Can someone get on that please?!

Find a burning building. Carry the dog out of it. Hero, not crazy.

Your dog's the boss. Free ride and he made you his bitch.

hun, dont worry about what other people think, dont let the haters ruin your life :)

Oh god. You again, and you think everyone is drinking hateraide. I doubt people would hate her for carrying her mid sized dog. You even misused a stupid concept! Congratulations!

are you following me around or something?? i was just saying she shouldnt care what people think about carrying a dog around, whats so bad about that? go away, creep...

Second time I have replied to you, you have a very strange idea of following you around...also, not caring what others think is one thing, a thing I agree with. Calling them haters is different. That was the point.

14, you just have to love her for how terrible she is. Like a persistent fungus or an invasive species. There will always be those who drink the Haterade. This chick is so out of touch, she's absolutely cringeworthy. Don't choke on your vitriol over some overblown bimbo.

Jeez, you guys are being a little harsh on her. Doesn't matter how dumb you think someone is, it's not like she insulted anyone. Chill out and pick your battles, ffs. You're just coming across as assholes.

22 I felt the same way you did until I finally checked out her profile. She's notorious for these hater comments. I wanted to tell 14 to let her be and ended up sounding harsher than I'd intended. If I sound like a dick, so be it. Sometimes you just have to let the messes be messy. I'll not get involved in the future.

Schizomaniac 24

I was going to agree with Shrike until I saw on that girl's profile that apparently I am a fuckhead who should delete his account. I have literally never seen this chick comment, ever. Carry on, then.

AbstraktThoughts 13

8 - Jesus Christ. Thank god your looks don't reflect your poor grammar. Don't even get me started on the weed. I hope you pass quickly through this phase of your life where you feel as if you're an adult by smoking weed and drinking and doing all that shit. Grow the **** up. If you're gonna hate on other commenters, be prepared to receive some in return. Good day to you :)

Someone ban this woman or at least tell her to delete all the offensive stuff on her profile. Let's all hope she'll meet a great person who'll change her terrible attitude :(. 18 years old and this...

Well, at least you weren't throwing your dog around. I've actually had to carry my aunt's huge dog.