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By ohbiebjetaime - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - France

Today, a guy asked for my number at a party. As I was entering my number into his phone, my name and a picture of me popped up. I'm afraid I just met my stalker. FML
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aFieryFairytale 2

1-800-Restraining-Order. FYL, indeed.

theneatoburrito 8

You should've just changed all of your information in his phone, and changed your number to a sex hotline. That would freak him out a bit. But FYL, OP.


aFieryFairytale 2

1-800-Restraining-Order. FYL, indeed.

That has way too many digits for a phone number.

This makes no sense, why would he have even let her use his phone knowing he already had her contact info in there? He should've known she'd figure it out. Unless he was drunk and forgot that he's a creeper.....

My guess is facebook, because it is really easy to find a persons' name from friends etc and you type it in and if op profile is not private bingo! You can find out where that person lives, work, phone nimber etc you'll be surprised of the amount of people whose profile isn't private. Not that I'm a stalker or anything ;D

I wonder if he did the creep at the party.

unknown_user5566 26

1- That's a really long phone number.

xlasernoobsx 0

You know, smart phones linked to social networking sites automatically do that.

littlejx_fml 7

Hey I just met you and this is crazy but you have my number so delete it maybe

1-800-restraining-order isn't a real number.

Impatiently awaiting the day the "Call Me Maybe" meme dies.

vic55jets 13

85- What does OP's natural hair color have to do with the situation?

burninnapalm 5

Or maybe they met each other at a party before, but were too drunk to remember she gave him her number and pic?

Clearly a joke. Like 1800-EAT-SHIT.

aFieryFairytale 2
aFieryFairytale 2

My last comment was for #66.

Maybe he's part of the CIA, or the secret service. :P

unknown_user5566 26

So... Big Brother really is watching us?! *hides in tinfoil-lined bomb shelter* ;)

I wouldn't entirely rule it out, but she is in France. FYL OP

I think this is a feature of Facebook mobile, actually. If he's a friend of yours (on Facebook), and your mobile number is on Facebook, some phones automatically link them. Or he could be a stalker. Both situations are plausible, I suppose.

Like the CIA hasn't been to France... xD

Lol! The CIA people make the best stalkers :)

Wow thanks to 56 I learned something new, I've been living under a rock. Although, a feature like that is pretty crazy. **The More You Know** :D

theneatoburrito 8

You should've just changed all of your information in his phone, and changed your number to a sex hotline. That would freak him out a bit. But FYL, OP.

Inheritance 10

OP has a secret admirer, a sketchy one at that..

...Except he obviously never calls the number or she would know about it.

noelykins1 19

It's not as bad as it seems. They could of been unknowing Facebook friends and certain phones collect all the information from the Facebook app on your phone and put it into your phone. He might of known he had her number. Source: experience.

Maybe he's drunk and forgot he met you

Redox127 7

OP would have remembered giving him her number and him taking a picture of her?

Delete the contact or ask him why your contact is already in there

unknown_user5566 26

That is FAR too reasonable to be a comment on FML. How dare you! ;)

Yeah just delete it or change the number and get the hell out of their. And get rid of the photo too.

Charlie harper always gives the number of chinese dry clean :)

Shadowvoid 33

I do believe the actor you are looking for is Charlie Sheen. Charlie Harper is just a made up character silly.

133- but the character is the one that does it... Also it's By-Winning!!!

Just ask him why your picture and name was in there, you'll be able to tell if it is a legitament reason. I find fhis really creepy by the way, but if you find he is stalking you call the police

With iPhones, if you are friends with them on Facebook and have their number, you can go into settings and use their profile picture as a contact picture.

We were both drunk that night ... You don't remember me?