By paranoid neighborhood - 27/11/2013 17:51 - United States - Orlando

Today, I was walking back home from a party, when I received an email from our neighborhood watch. It said to beware, because a "thug-like" stranger with a white shirt and brown hair had entered the neighborhood. My hair is indeed brown and I was wearing a white shirt. FML
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At least you're wanted! Some of us can't say the same.

Just be glad you weren't carrying Skittles on you.


At least you're wanted! Some of us can't say the same.

I rather be unwanted than wanted for a bad reason (;

Op didn't choose the thug life. The thug life chose him

euphoricness 28

I don't hate you cuz you're fat, you're fat cuz I hate you

Change clothes much?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I'm confused as to why you're asking if OP "changes clothes much". Are you insinuating that OP doesn't have clean clothes to change into? Or are you "asking" why OP didn't change his clothes right away? Actually, to be completely honest I don't care why you said it or what you meant by it. It's just a stupid fucking thing say. Comment much?

incoherentrmblr 21

Well, at least you weren't shot and killed by some crazy person "standing their ground..."

Just be glad you weren't carrying Skittles on you.

OMG , I think this went over way to many peoples heads !

It's a joke.

It was bound to happen

Would you rather lay low and be anonymous, or be high profile and dangerous?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Lay low and be anonymous. Because I smoke a metric ton of crack cocaine and I plan on being Toronto's next mayor. And we all know how his crack smoking went over..

Or an Arizona

Looks like it's time to clean up your act OP. ;)

I read that as "Thug Life" stranger initially. That would have been way more awesome.

Gingerette 8

So much gangsta it screws with your eyes. Op should have been arrested on sight just for general thugginess.

Gosh you thug.

So email back and explain who you are. Oh, and don't be so thug like.

inkdeath87 18

Don't look like a thug, geez, it's that easy.

he didn't choose the thug life... the thug life chose him.

7, you look like a thug

gingaa96 18

Weee woo... Wee woo.. Wee woo, wee woo, wee woo! Wee woo!!!!

Thank them for the warning, mention than you are walking back home at the moment and you will keep an eye out. Slip in what you are wearing.


I know im not the only that thought of the Spongebob episode after reading 39's comment.

At least you're not in any danger if you are the danger.

Shut up shut up SHUT UP