By paranoid neighborhood - United States - Orlando
Today, I was walking back home from a party, when I received an email from our neighborhood watch. It said to beware, because a "thug-like" stranger with a white shirt and brown hair had entered the neighborhood. My hair is indeed brown and I was wearing a white shirt. FML
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  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I'm confused as to why you're asking if OP "changes clothes much". Are you insinuating that OP doesn't have clean clothes to change into? Or are you "asking" why OP didn't change his clothes right away? Actually, to be completely honest I don't care why you said it or what you meant by it. It's just a stupid fucking thing say. Comment much?

By  EmmaMK  |  35

Thank them for the warning, mention than you are walking back home at the moment and you will keep an eye out. Slip in what you are wearing.