Weird flex, but OK

By college estudiata - 27/06/2015 00:57

Today, I realized I need to get my life together after spilling ramen while taking a bath, again. FML
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That's not the meaning of "clean eating".

at least it would have been easy to clean up!


Use the noodles as an exfoliant.

Baths and Ramen at the same time? Sounds like you're living the life to me!

at least it would have been easy to clean up!

Eh, at least you would end up smelling delicious

You clearly don't have enough time in a day. So you have to multi task. Eating and taking a bath is interesting tho.

Eating in the bath is relaxing! Like I have friends that drink wine in the tub, but I don't drink so I snack.

That's not the meaning of "clean eating".

Although it sounds fun, it also sounds kinda gross...

I would like to eat ramen while taking a bath.. EDIT: The ramen wouldn't be in the bath of course.

I'm not sure about food, but beer in the shower is an excellent choice.

I've heard of eating clean but this is ridiculous.

Don't worry what people think OP, you're an innovator.