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Today, I went to see a movie I'd been waiting months for. A couple of women sat down a few rows in front of me with five infants. The infants cried and wailed throughout. I'm not sure I have any idea what was actually said in any of the dialogue. FML
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It was a midnight showing of Captain America. I was not going to bitch them out, because I am not absolutely rude. I was trying to show respect for mothers that have to take care of a child. I am just disappointed that I could not hear the dialogue. Yes, I did get a refund after I explained the situation, and I am going to go see it tomorrow. Hope that clears it up.

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I will never understand why people think it's a good idea to bring a baby into the movies.

I would have said SHUT YOUR DAMN CHILDS MOUTH -_-


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flockz 19

or slap the kids in the back of the head. do u even know how expensive movies are nowadays?

rallets 22

"months months" double the months, double movies

Dang that sucks OP. Should've said something!

sometimes it's okay to shake a baby. This was one if those times haha

enonymous 8

After 3 kids your ****** is officially a slip and slide...

ienjoithinqs 0

-1 OORRRR he could sneak in to another room thats about to start showing the same movie he wanted to see That's what I do to see more than one movie in the theater and I only have to pay for one ticket :) ?

Hidan_fml 0

ORRRR, just hope the ticket guy isn't there and just walk through? I ordered my tickets online and my friend and I didn't see the ticket guy there, so we just walked through without giving it to them. Sucks we didn't know because we could have gotten a free movie.

Young children who can't control themselves shouldn't be allowed in. Neither should rude adults who talk through the whole movie.

83- yeah, that would be nice, but who is going to make the judgments? it's not a good idea and bad for business

captainsuperdawg 0

98-tell that to the people at the alamo drafthouse theater. they've thrown people out for texting during the movie and id rather have someone text near me than have annoying kids near me

81- Agreed. Annoying adults and teens who yap through out the whole movie drive me insane. Almost every time I go to the movies 1 of the 3 common scenarios happens to me: A. You get seated right near someone who laughs way to loud and recites every line of the movie. B. You get seated near two people who have a full on conversation about something totally random the whole movie. C. You get seated right behind two assholes who are making out and groping each others junk the whole time. With tickets being about $10, I save myself the trouble and just wait until they come out on DVD.

aeshleyrose 6

104 I heard about that place! I would send them $1 mil for being awesome if i had it. I hate that businesses now are so concerned about making money that they act like total ******* when it comes to standing up to rude people. These rude ******* act that way because no one tells them that their behavior is unacceptable. Like these two chicks with the infants - are you ******* kidding me? Two grown women think it's alright to let their kids scream through a movie? Gee, I wonder why they think that?!?

Every theater I've been to throws out disruptive customers. Not only that, but I believe that no matter where you go, if you're too much of a wimp to tell an employee about another customer, you can ask to have your ticket refunded completely or you can arrange to see a later showing. I honestly didn't even want to reply because you are seriously an idiot. No one forced you to stay and sit through that.

98 and people never comeing back because your service is horuendous is good for buiseness? if people can't keep the noise down be that because they talk during the movie (at least those that keep talking and do so far too loud) or because you brought a god damn then they have no right to see the movie because we can't simply acomodate everything around these special snowflakes. this is actually one of the main reasons i have never once i my life gone to the movies unless someone else paid for me... it's simply not worth it because they often won't enforce such simply rules as don't anoy the other movie goers and if i try to enforce them myself suddenly it's time to enforce the rules... on me.

If they were in fact, "infants" they would not understand the movie at all. If they were toddlers, Op went to see Winnie the Pooh

I agree entirely. Lazy **** moaning... No idea why you've had so many negative votes, either...

zendaddy0 0

oh I saw that movie too snap kills dumbledoor

Krennicus 0

The power of the Troll is frightening

I would have said SHUT YOUR DAMN CHILDS MOUTH -_-

Get a front seat, you'll never have that problem! :)

23, yeah because your ears can't hear from behind.

Go up to the kid and scare them so they shut up lol

this is why you bring a female to every movie. I could really gives two ***** about the dialogue in that case

too bad when ya sit in the front seat when you look up at the screen your neck hurts like shit !!

I was kidding all you guys, calm down haha...

juicedboi 7

Should have pimp slapped a ho'. But seriously I find it to be selfish of that mother. If your children are still crying constantly, don't take them to the movies.

37 They're infants... they'll just cry more.

No... scare them to the extent where they shut up :P

This when you politely tap and their shoulder and say, "Get the **** out!"

That's why I bring my handy dandy tranquilizer darts to the theater; haven't had a problem since. :)

princessjes23 6

who brings infants to the movies?!

I will never understand why people think it's a good idea to bring a baby into the movies.

it's probably because the parents think that since they have to listen to all that noise all the time then everyone else should too

kaylaaa1312 3

Next time, start laughing at random parts and being louder than the kids. See how she'd like that shit. I'm sure the kids would be even more hysterical. lol.

one time this happened to me, so i put my feet up next to both sides of her head, and put them down when she got the kids to stop crying. she caught on fast lol

omgcookeys 15

I would have thumbs this up, but it was at 69 haha..

I agree. that happened to me before when I went to see a scary movie. I ended up yelling at the women because they were being loud and their kids were crying. 101, random but I love that you love Barney Stinson. He's hilarious! lol. I love that show.

KataraTheBender 0

I know!!!! Get someone to babysit!!!

needsagf14 12
dcwttaoo1 13

Babies are free to get in. If they charged them for each baby full price, i guaranty she would never of being there.

I hate it when parents let their kid scream in a movie.

all it takes is a good poke to the neck and "TSST!"

cradle6 13

142-Doesn't matter. Have to show DOMINANCE. The baby must know that they aren't alpha male.

SuckerfaceInVid 3

I hate when parents let their kids be an annoyance to everyone else anywhere in public. Seriously parents, if you can't control your kids, leave them at home.

wait... u were looking forward to seeing te movie that the five infants wanted to see?

megatone 2

count yourself lucky, those kids' didn't like the movie, they saved you

You're just not good at getting thumbs up, are you?

You're just not good at getting thumbed up, are you?

Yeah, and at least poster #7 doesn't feel the need to double post...

70 thought he'd get double thumbs for double the posts. well he got em

Laxallday18 0

wow thats when id just be like take your horrible infants elsewhere

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sourskittle95 5

and how do you know op was watching harry potter?

15, he said " if " indicating that it's situational, so meaning, he was not sure. What's wrong with harry potter? I like that movie . . . if that happens to me while I was watching harry potter I'll leave and get my tickets back so I can watch it at a different time.

sourskittle95 5

oh haha sorry read the comment wrong! :/ but anyways, even if the op was watching Harry potter, then why do they deserve it? -.-

skizzlerz 0

If it was Harry Potter, they definitely deserved WAAAYY better than that. But I would definitely tell the employees and attempt to get a ticket for another time.

kings1fan 6

I have never seen any of the Harry Potter movies.

no other movie out this year worth waiting months for. I'd have walked out and refunded my ticket to go another time

A7X_LoVeee 10

Harry Potter is the shiz. Although part two was a bit disappointing :|

were you watching winne the pooh by any chance

RULA39 4

he was watching Captin America

skizzlerz 0

It was definitely Harry Potter

Hidan_fml 0

they went to see friends with benefits. to see Justin and mila get it on.

It was in fact Captain America, and the infants were freakin annoying!

Next time throw pop corn at them and tell them to shut there kids up tell they leave

wendyyyy 0

wow. I'm surprises staff didn't do anything about it. you should have got up and complained.