By prostitutes boyfriend - 21/10/2011 14:55 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out my girlfriend doesn't go to work, she's actually been seeing another guy purely for sex, and each time he gives her money to "support her unemployment." Pretty sure that means I'm dating a prostitute. FML
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Ikickmidgets 11

Go get tested before your dick falls off man!

At least you know you don't have to support her unemployment .


The nice thing about being single is I'm always there when I need me

13FTW 9

I believe 31 has a better name then op.

NoobHat 6

She should use the money to buy some class and self-respect.

sparklybetty 0

On the bright side, you're getting it for free as the other guy has to pay :)

The economy affects prostitutes as well!

You can be her personal pimp, OP. Gater's bitches don't play.

So how did OP find this out?

107, Gators bitches better be wearing jimmy's.

63- I doubt there's enough money in the world for her to afford that...

bugsfunny 0

Your better off without her OP

158- You're. As in you are.

Alymc13 0

Ummmm, cuz she's having sex for money. That means no self respect. They go hand in hand.

@205, In civilized society, having sex for money is almost rock bottom. It's a pretty fair assumption that she has no self respect. Is anyone else getting the feeling that 205 is a hooker as well?

malvoliosf 1

#207, that's just you.

Alymc13 0

@207 haha yea im starting to thing that

Alymc13 0

@205 sleeping with someone for sex means they have no respect for you which translates that u have no self respect cuz u'd open ure legs for anyone who had the rite amount of money.

bamagrl410 31

219 - You mean we're not supposed sleep with someone for sex? Darn... We've all been doing it wrong...

At least you know you don't have to support her unemployment .

Ikickmidgets 11

Go get tested before your dick falls off man!

And like from Madea... "Call 1-800-chokedathoe!!"

sierralovesyou 0

Hahahahaha!!! Pick up a phone quick!

no I'm pretty sure by the way he put it they never have sex so she goes and finds someone who does

yourlifesfucked 0


Remember kids, never fuck a hood rat.

what a whore. u deserve better


What if he doesn't deserve better?

fr33m3xican 0

what if he's getting reimbursed?

125- lmao. If you hadn't said it I was gonna.

Pretty sure that means you're her pimp.

If she gave him a percentage than ya.

imcutefml 0

If she gave him ALL the money...

imcutefml 0

If she gave him ALL the money...

imcutefml 0

If she gave him ALL the money...

leadman1989 15

Tripple kill!!!

Pimps take only about 80% being one i would know.

Pimps take 90% the prostitutes get 10%. Come on.

flockz 19

im dating my right hand. it never cheats on me.

flockz 19

...or my cat's left armpit.

p8ntcheck 4


flockz 19


Ambidextrous = double the fun

Sorry for cheating on your right hand.

i call my left the stranger, for my threesomes:3

SystemofaBlink41 27

Yes sir... It sure is handy to have someone so close to you.

lostintime94 5

LOL I totally laughed out loud at this. Message me some time ;)

jake1632 9

Handgelina jolies the best! or maybe pam handerson..

Note: rugburn may be aquifers from fur on cat.

ninjuh_wingman 29

Shes not a prostitute. Shes a female who enjoys a good time with other men for money because of her financial difficulties

Are you retarded?

I THINK he's joking. I think....

Same difference!!!

ninjuh_wingman 29

i am joking. shes totally a prostitite

If it's the same man, it isn't as bad. She's a sugar baby. Not like she's sleeping with any other man or woman, still sucks though!

Oh, so a prostitute?

The_Troller 14

^ No. A pirate.

< sometimes curls into ball and prentends to be a rock, making rock sounds.

22cute 17

I agree wit you, ningawoman. If Op were helping to support her she would be "married" or the envy of other women. But because Op doesn't she's a dirty whore. Get a grip, people.

Damnit 133 you combo breaker.

Trying to figure out why this has so many thumbs down. I'm guessing it's because people can't recognize an awesome joke.

In other words... Whore

you basically just defined a prostitute

Ikickmidgets 11

well said #7

Ya think?!!!

So actually she is going to work.