By Grrrreat - 04/02/2015 15:16 - United Kingdom - Hatfield

Today, after a heavy make-out session, my boyfriend and I discovered his lips bruise really easily. This wouldn't be a problem except he's been telling people I hit him. He thinks it's hilarious. FML
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Next time he goes to kiss you offer a handshake...

Steve95401 49

Bite his lips next time so that they will be both bruised and swollen.


You should say he got a lip hickey.

iLike2Teabag 27

Or botched lip injection like Farrah Abraham.

Or Kylie Jenner


xninix_fml 36

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littleteapot 21

#50 #rebel #idowhatiwant

First comment bitches

Not only were you not, but what a fucking useless comment.

KrazyKatz3 26

He was the third....

Quick! Everyone pelt him with legos!

Next time he goes to kiss you offer a handshake...

Technically you were tongue punching him.

Next time she should tongue punch his fart box lol

75, it's a HE.

incoherentrmblr 21

Yes, cause a guy wants his salad tossed regularly...

Maybe you should actually hit him. I'm kidding but he's a jerk.

Steve95401 49

Bite his lips next time so that they will be both bruised and swollen.

Allow him to give you a hickey somewhere and then when he says you hit him tell them he punched you and that you got a bruise there

What a great idea!

Yes because spouse abuse is hilarious

The boyfriend obviously thinks it is

As much as we hate to admit it, we don't realise abuse would really come from the female side if the relationship making it less of a worry, but when you say it was the man it becomes more believable and more people get worried so I really don't think that would be a good idea

K after reading the fml how the fuck can you delete a comment?

While I hate this, there is a difference in how people respond to male on female vs female on male violence. The first would most likely be met with her friends verbally or physically assaulting the male while the latter would be met with laughter and taunting.

There is a big difference, people do think it's funny and absolutely hilarious when a guy gets beaten by their girlfriend which is good in this case but crap in others. If she were to joke that he hit her however that could actually ruin his life

Gorebabee17 10

Damn. Lol

At least it's not the other way around

iAmPaul 49

OP is male, so your implied double standard isn't valid.

Yes I know OP is male, what I was saying is that at least OP's lips aren't in pain and bruised so my so called "double standard" never existed

iAmPaul 49

46 - That makes no sense whatsoever.

Yeah, 14/46 needs to learn some communication skills. this is incredibly frustrating.

Threaten him with a fat lip next time he pulls that stunt. Make sure there are witnesses.