By Mkimmi - United States - State College

We can tell

  Today, I had to fall asleep to my next-door neighbors having sex because our walls are paper thin. What bothered me the most wasn't listening to them doing it, but knowing that she was faking it. FML
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  LeashaJoy5595  |  28

This is like double insult. I mean telling a guy that he isn't any good and then as a woman saying you could better... I'd like an open wound with a side of lemon please, thanks.

  BlondePsycho  |  43

A guy friend told me a joke once that went: "Why do women fake orgasms? Because they think we care."
But thats the same punchline to "Why do guys send women dick pics?"

  slackerjoe  |  22

Some women are just very vocal. Just because she is moaning or even screaming doesn't necessarily mean its fake, or even an orgasm. Maybe she just wants to let him know that he's doing it right.

  CAC_Boomerang  |  24

If I were in this position, I'd buy a"Sex for Dummies" book and give it it him. Heck, throw in a card with "Erections need direction!" Written in it as a motive to read the book.

  Kazze  |  31

It's not being "nosey" when you can hear it loud and clear through the wall. As for the "whiny" part: it wasn't whiny at all. Do you even know what the point of FML is? Lastly: Welcome to the community. Now stop being an ass.