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  Unnamedsoul  |  0

#21 is funnier than the fml! lol anthaz shud have a post

"Today, i was told i need sleep, i assume this is because of my face, FML."

she needs sleep and to b sleeping under those special lights for growing plants lol


Op, go to their apartment and tell them what problems you're having... and if they don't listen to you, well! at least you tried! (I sure hope I made op's life easier...) 

  elizzcbs13  |  0

I've had this problem before. it's not so fun when you have to work a 12hr shift the next day and NEED sleep. the girl below me sounded like she was getting murdered...really it was a little over exagerated! to top it off the couple looked like ogres, so it brought horrible mental images!

leave a note on their door, that seems to work sometimes. =)


Most of these suggestions are counterproductive, since OP also wouldn't be able to sleep through a baby's screaming or Barney music. The upstairs neighbor will just continue when she turns it off— probably with a vengence. Plus, any other neighbors will get pissed off at OP instead of banding with her against the disruptive screamer.

I'd utilize the two-strike policy: leave one note, and if she doesn't pipe down, knock at the door and interrupt once, asking her again. If those don't work, take it to the landlord or building co-op; most multi-residence homes include noise policies in their leases or building agreements. Involve other disturbed neighbors if you have to.

Or y'know, just invest in earplugs, an mp3 player with white noise, or a loud fan.

  xsam4296x  |  0

Put a cd of extremely annoying ambient nooses and leave the apartment for a few hours while it plays very loudly. Or pick up the accordion and play carnie music all night.

  tigercoon  |  12

Because it's annoying. I understand where she's coming from, but only because there's a bunch of little skanks where I live. I'm not trying to say that #3 is a skank in anyway, just that I get why #93 brought it up. :P

  chili10  |  18

i don't need to go on a diet dirtylurch. I'm 5'4 and weigh 105 pounds. but I'm also not showing pictures of me pulling my shirt up to the world. some people find it insulting.

  dirtylurch  |  0

chili10- anybody can say how they look on the internet dumb bitch. I could say I'm Shaquille O'neal and u wouldn't know if I was or not. you're probably some fat chick with no sexlife except for your vibrator so stfu