By SleeplessInSoCal - 09/08/2010 06:18 - United States

Today, I couldn't fall asleep till 3am and was woken approximately every hour or so. Why? I found out my new upstairs neighbors have a very active love life. She's a screamer. FML
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well find someone to have sex with and scream even louder it will be a fun little contest


atticuz 2

No, because OP didn't get ******, run along now.

join in the screaming in synchrony. or answer "YES!, YES!" with "MAYBE!, MAYBE!" or answer "OH GOD" with " YES?". she'll stop.

put on loud Celtic music and dance all night. who needs sleep?

atticuz 2

Anthaz, you need sleep, and I'm not going to tell you why. :)

#21 is funnier than the fml! lol anthaz shud have a post "Today, i was told i need sleep, i assume this is because of my face, FML." she needs sleep and to b sleeping under those special lights for growing plants lol

Barrientos432 5

18 Was that Steve Byrne? XD

maybe shes a squirter too ? i love girls who do that. pm me if you do.

thorfinntheassri 0

Op, go to their apartment and tell them what problems you're having... and if they don't listen to you, well! at least you tried! (I sure hope I made op's life easier...) 

JonathanRawr 0

29 is a douche. and major lolzz at 33.

elizzcbs13 0

I've had this problem before. it's not so fun when you have to work a 12hr shift the next day and NEED sleep. the girl below me sounded like she was getting murdered...really it was a little over exagerated! to top it off the couple looked like ogres, so it brought horrible mental images! leave a note on their door, that seems to work sometimes. =)

that boy is a monster, m-m-m-monster, that boy is a monster-er-er, he ate my heart. 

eazyeeze 0

Call the police on the neighbors. Report rape, suspicious prostitution, disturbance, etc. Your pick. Or just drink and take sleeping pills

it's funny because you couldn't sleep because they were having loud sex I bet that sex made them nice and moist

lol 49, thats not all he stole apparently.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

That's hot. Oh, no wait. Paris says that's huge now..

astarwarsfan 0

I guess the guy (puts on sunglasses) was stealing her virginity along with your sleep. 2 in 1 combo!

TaylorTotsYumm 10

^ You did it wrong. So, so wrong..

The_grumpy_bear 0

Damn sorry OP I'll try and keep it down

cutiepie31296 0

I know how that feels. it happened to me before and it sucks

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

73- Shane Dawson reference?

tap the ceiling with a broom stick, or play mary had a little lamb full blast on your guitar, i bet not even a pro could bang through that

yeaahhh and? shit I'm a screamer too!!!! turns my boyfriend on;) move if it's such a problem :p

YDI for living under people YDI for sleeping YDI for not getting some action

play non sex music really loud. childrens music nursery rhymes Barney or just a recording of a baby crying. I mean really kill the mood

Brittney_E 0

sorry I'll tell her to be quite next time xP

Most of these suggestions are counterproductive, since OP also wouldn't be able to sleep through a baby's screaming or Barney music. The upstairs neighbor will just continue when she turns it off— probably with a vengence. Plus, any other neighbors will get pissed off at OP instead of banding with her against the disruptive screamer. I'd utilize the two-strike policy: leave one note, and if she doesn't pipe down, knock at the door and interrupt once, asking her again. If those don't work, take it to the landlord or building co-op; most multi-residence homes include noise policies in their leases or building agreements. Involve other disturbed neighbors if you have to. Or y'know, just invest in earplugs, an mp3 player with white noise, or a loud fan.

if I sleep, then no one is up to play with the squirrels :-/. Maybe I should buy a hedgehog.

barge in without knocking and say "oops I thought u were being murdered well I umm...called the cops oops... have fun" and walk away

38- in my head that went to the tune of "My Sharona" Which was awesome :)

sunshine_roovers 2

its 6:43 here . ive been up all night (A) & i've heard this FML like 3 times already -.-

Put a cd of extremely annoying ambient nooses and leave the apartment for a few hours while it plays very loudly. Or pick up the accordion and play carnie music all night.

twilight_0118 0

hahahahhahahahahahahha that's great!! :D

bmadd 0

the best kind of girl to have.

<troll> pull your shirt down. jeez, I you're gonna show off your stomach at least wear a top that is already that short... </troll>

#3-yur hella hot :) #93-stop being jealous cuz u don't look that good!

Granddragon 0

3 is not "hella" hot and 93 is not jealous. She's absolutely right.

Granddragon 0

if she's not jealous then why say anything at all? her picture isn't hurting anybody.

93 looks better than 3, plus she's e right.

Because it's annoying. I understand where she's coming from, but only because there's a bunch of little skanks where I live. I'm not trying to say that #3 is a ***** in anyway, just that I get why #93 brought it up. :P

Yeah, #3, if you're going to wear your shirt like that, why even bother? TAKE IT OFF!

I'm pretty confident in my own looks thank you very much.

127 is way prettier than #3. and #3 should definitely pull her shirt down.

what is with all the ugly chicks saying to pull her shirt down. here's an idea for you girls: GO ON A FUCKING DIET SO YOU CAN LOOK THAT GOOD!!!!

sorry #141. I meant the girls who say she should pull her shirt down

93 is jealous of 3 which is what started the argument, and 105 is trying to defend 93. honestly, 105 looks better than both of them

i don't need to go on a diet dirtylurch. I'm 5'4 and weigh 105 pounds. but I'm also not showing pictures of me pulling my shirt up to the world. some people find it insulting.

sunshine_roovers 2

exactly. so people . stop being pigs cuz that shit shouldnt be on the internet. she's gunna get raped up the butt ;P i keed i keed

chili10- anybody can say how they look on the internet dumb bitch. I could say I'm Shaquille O'neal and u wouldn't know if I was or not. you're probably some fat chick with no sexlife except for your vibrator so stfu


Tell the bitch to shut it? :/

ydi for not going upstairs and demand a threesome XP

well find someone to have sex with and scream even louder it will be a fun little contest

FYouLife1 0

blast a Porno to make it seem like ur having more fun then them maybe they will stop trying to make you jealous

YDI for living in SoCal. it was probably a **** set.

LosAngelesSon 8

FYL for thinkif SoCal is a giant **** site.

angie_ahhmazing 10

gohd that suxx but that's how I am lol add myspace [email protected]