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ginger_trelf tells us more.

OP here. Thanks for all the support and funny comments. To clear a few things up, my sister didn't post to Instagram from the hospital, she just took a selfie at home and complained about the things that aren't going well in her life. She had no idea that I didn't know about my grandpa and assumed that our mom had told me. Since my sister and I both live at home, our family tells my mom about any big family news with the assumption that she will pass it on. Right now, my mom is in a really busy period at work and I'm an American exchange student in New Zealand, so I'm sure she wasn't purposely hiding anything from me. Since I go away for college, she sometimes forgets to tell me things anyway.

colibricorolla tells us more.

OP again, what happened with the injury was the youngest and the second youngest decided they were going to race across our living room, and the former ran headfirst into the edge of the coffee table. Hard. Those two had walked into the kitchen while the rest of them were watching a movie at the time and I don’t think she noticed what they were doing until it was too late. He got a cut that was about an inch or so wide and looked pretty deep on his forehead. We were able to bandage it up, she got the bleeding to stop and confirmed he did not get a concussion from it but everything I frantically searched online said he was going to need stitches and all of the local urgent care centers had literally just closed 5 minutes before this happened. She took him the next morning when they left and they said he was OK, thank goodness, but a very brief lapse in supervision wasn't something to call CPS over.