By kierstin - 19/10/2009 15:54 - United States

Today, I broke up with my boyfriend because he has anger issues. Tonight, my tires were slashed. FML
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You don't break up with someone because they have anger issue,s you break up with them if they refuse to do something about it (therapy etc). Its not like he chose to have a problem. DO you think its crazy fun to be angry?

Well at least he has remained consistent.


Well at least he has remained consistent.

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OPs ex: I don't have anger issues! I'll show her anger issues! !! *slashes tires* Yeahhhh who has anger issues now????

You don't break up with someone because they have anger issue,s you break up with them if they refuse to do something about it (therapy etc). Its not like he chose to have a problem. DO you think its crazy fun to be angry?

It's crazy fun to break stuff in Japan. That's why they have whole places designed for you to go into a room and FSU all day long.

YDI for dating a douche bag in the first place. Your just lucky thats all he did.

Girls tend to date guys that obviously have severe social disorders and think o I love him so its ok. It happens a lot. But I do feel kind of bad for her cause some guys do change into douche bags over time.

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Maybe they've been dating for only a few months, and the OP is just now piecing together that this guy is a little dangerous? She doesn't deserve it for not being able to tell automatically when someone's a psychopath, especially if she doesn't know how to spot that sort of crazy behavior. =

Many times, that disorder can't be detected right away. It not her fault that she just found out. Anger issue isn't always throwing things around everywhere. It very hard to detect sometimes

Open mouth and insert foot, OP. You asked for it, even if you don't really deserve it more than any other dater does.

I never said it was her fault. I just said she asked for it. There's a difference. Given his anger issues, whether she stayed with him or not, she already knew that she was likely to get burned. I highly doubt there would've been any good way to break up with him in a way that didn't burn his proverbial biscuits. I never said she deserved it either. In fact, I said exactly the opposite. Like I said before, she doesn't actually deserve what happened any more than any other dater out there. Why shoot me for being nice about it? Now, I suppose I should mention that the internet is waiting (on baited breath, as you say) to find out why you didn't really read or comprehend the comment you just responded to.

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How is she asking for it? She just wanted to get out of the situation. You think she should stay with a man who is angry and possibly abusive? If she didn't break up with him he could have ended up hurting her. But to the OP- FYL, I'm sorry this happened. Report this to the police. He will probably go to jail for vandalism and have to pay for the damage. And good for you for getting the courage to break up with this guy.

So you think she shoke be just stayed in the relationship, even if she's unhappy and knows she can't stay with someone like that? You, a lot if the time, anger issues aren't too obvious. It's just like if I meet someone nice, start getting to know them and don't see anything strange, I start dating them and that's when they start going crazy, I'm asking for a break up? When I was not aware this was going to happen?

YDI. If he has anger issues you should of seen it coming. You also deserve it for dating him in the first place.

yeah because she could tell straight away that he had anger issues. these things are not always obvious when you first become interested in someone and you're on your best behaviour because it's a brand new relationship. idiot.

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Aaah, I dont see how its YDI or FYL, I mean if you recently discovered this 1 week into the relationship, then FYL... If you've known about this for awhile, YDI

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Girls only love assholes. You shouldn't have dated him in the first place. YDI

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Not true. Only guys who can't get dates say that. My boyfriend is not an asshole at all. It's very likely the OP didn't know about her bf's issues until after she was dating him.