By ktpnothappening - 03/04/2016 16:03 - United States - North Augusta

Today, I decided to be honest and told my husband I didn't love him anymore. It ended with a warrant for his arrest. FML
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ktpnothappening tells us more.

Hey guys! OP here. To clear things up, the warrant is for CDV and when hes arrested a no contact order will be in place. It wasn't a fun night. Our marriage wasn't doing well already because of his control issues, we were trying to work it out. After another argument, I told him we can't work this out, and my feelings had changed towards him. We went to bed with intentions of making a plan to start our separation the next day. He woke me up in the middle of the night to continue fighting, I told him we could talk about it in the morning. I guess he didn't like that, so he took it out on my face and threw me around like a rag doll. He tried to stop me from calling the cops, but I was able too. He decided to leave while I was on the phone with the police, taking all my cash and cards with him. I'm not perfect but I was a good wife and a pretty decent person, I didn't deserve it, no one does. Most of our arguments ended because he would start yelling and scare me into silence, I didn't want to live like that anymore. Anyway, hoped that cleared up some of the questions. A divorce is started, I'm relocating and leaving everything. I just want a happy, normal life.

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Gee I wonder why you don't love him any more.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that maybe he wasn't too happy with that


Please explain I think we would all like to know what happened

Gee I wonder why you don't love him any more.

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If it resulted in an arrest warrant then he probably got violent or destroyed something. Yeah, that makes him the bad guy. The way a person reacts when angry says a lot about them.

I take this to imply that the husband is abusive, hence part of the reason she fell out of love. No ones at fault, until he did something worthy of an arrest

It's beyond angry the love of his life just told him he's not her love so yah he could've been angry and td a bit sexist that you expect he hurt her or broke stuff. ******* stupid feminist

#22 I fail to see how someone who has a warrant for their arrest has anything to do with sexism. No one is bringing gender into this but you.

#22 I can tell how you feel about males over females. being told someone no longer is in love with you is no grounds for breaking the law. it's not ******* feminist behavior you dumb ****... it's called life

Pretty sure if the guy is abusive it's his fault. Unless it's one of those toxic marriages where everyone is abusive. Then everyone just kind of sucks.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that maybe he wasn't too happy with that

This seems very much like those "one thing led to another" stories

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You do know that other FML guy said 'Girlfriend' and not 'wife' right? If you're going to make a FML connection joke at least make it actually connect.

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@24 You haven't been on FML very long, have you?

@24 So far, I have seen 0 "logic" in any of your statements. All I see is assumption, and 9 hours into a 12 hour shift doesn't quite excuse you being a douche.

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This needs a follow up! Hope you're okay op. I'm sorry for what happened :(

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That could have gone better.

Good on you for being honest OP. Quite a few people I know, personally, don't have the courage to admit such a thing and end up hating their partner and cheating and fighting and all that crap. I'm glad you tried to be mature about it. On the other hand, I hope you're okay and I think we can all see why you don't love your husband anymore with that ending result. Best of luck to you.