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By phant776 - 13/05/2011 04:02 - United States

Today, I was pulled over by a cop. He asked for my license and registration, so I reached for my center console. I was then greeted with a gun to my ear because my coffee cup supposedly looked like a gun. I stepped out of my car to apologize, and I was hit with a big stick. FML
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Coffee cups are scary, don't blame the cop

How the **** does a cup look like a gun. >.>


Coffee cups are scary, don't blame the cop

Exactly! You never suspect a hot beverage container until it's too late.

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when you say big stick, you mean baton right?

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Hmm....big stick you say? Reiminds me of lockeroom showers....

big stick haha, I'm sure she knows what a baton is

Skip this and the 18th comment I made.

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coffee cups can be very hazardous..

Not sure what the laws are in the US, but I'm pretty sure him pointing a gun at your head is illegal. Cops are not allowed to shoot to kill unless you were posing an immediate fatal threat to them or civilians. if you did pull a gun on him, I think he would have to shoot to restrain you, not shoot to kill.

Only in A merica- where every randomer carries an instantly lethal weapon. Cue a massive debate that utterly ignores the evidence, Yey!

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Please Go Insult Chuck Norris If You Always Type Like This. -.-

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the only debate i want to start is that theres so space between "A" and "merica"

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No, OP means your father's penis.

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actually codezlol if a person pulls a weapon and refuses to put it down the cops are trained to shoot to kill if it's a baseball bat or something they'd probably just get tasered they get tasered or brought down by physical force if they attack without a weapon

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pigs don't carry guns tardnuts. and with the way people shoot at cops or all the idiots that attack them they are paranoid. I'm not completely sure but I do believe most cops die on regular traffic stops.

yes cops do carry guns and they dont need to be that paranoid. our society has become so afraid that it is insane. we need to man up and get over it.

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you know it's legal to have a gun in your car

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17 that was pretty gay I'm guessin at ur school u showed a lot of prison love

I'm pretty sure when he said "pigs don't carry guns", and then used a more respectful term to talk about cops, he meant that actual pigs don't carry guns.

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I know how this feels because I've been DWB'd a couple if times. Although if that cop stopped me, I wouldn't be here right now. I'd be shot up with 58 bullets on some Sean Bell shit. **** pigs. Not cops trying to keep us safe. Pigs who think having a gun and a shiny safety pin makes them tough.

Dude your dad is harmless but the hundreds of people who pull weapons (including scissors) and harm or kill cops every year are not harmless. Most of the police deaths are from routine things that go very very wrong - like a traffic stop. It sucks that your dad went through that, but it's the people who are so ****** up that they have created that kind of fear in the police who are to blame.

as long as you have a license to carry you can carry a gun in your car

i may be wrong in this, but i'm pretty sure the policy in america is always shoot to kill. And besides, if you think someone is pulling a gun on you, you would aim your gun at their head, so they knew that even if they shot you you would kill them too, if you aim for their arm its hardly a proper incentive for them not to shoot you.

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120 tardnuts really ok **** nuggett yah they do carry guns you idiot you don't know anything about cops jeez lol

some cops actually care about enforcing laws and protrcting us. some dont, which probably are just over conceided above the law assholes. yeah there are alot of them but if a cop feels threatened he has the right to protect himself because taking the "maybe its not a gun" chance can be fatal. so im pretty fine knowing a cop is doing his job. but using a baton on a guy after making him shit himself is a bit odd to me

I want to know why the **** you would exit the vehicle when the cop hasn't told you to. you're just asking to get hit then.

95, Shut that ass up. Don't call police officers pigs. Did they shoot your dad? No. So shut up. If someone seemed to be reaching for scissors, i'd be defensive too.

Also to 199. He said PIGS don't carry guns, because they don't. Whens the last time you saw a hog at the zoo with a gun? Never? I thought so. Loser.

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I'm only a kid like 13 but wats dwb

I understand people have had bad experiences with police, but the negativity and calling them 'pigs' is a little extreme. At the end of the day, we need police. With out them we would be ******.

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I would report him, because it seems like he didn't even give you a chance to explain anything.

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the bigger cops pack, the smaller their...

they don't have to give you a reason

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would op happen to be black because then we know why the cop pulled a gun on you.

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Explain? If the op made a quick motion out of sight towards a handle shaped object (as would be required to undo the seatbelt, unless that's what op was pulled over for) it would be perfectly reasonable for the officer to point his weapon at the op until it was clear there was no danger. Hands on the wheel, move them only when told to. Move slowly and narrate your actions so he knows what you're doing. Growing up in South Central LA (not as bad here in Canada) I learned that getting out of the car and in the cops face when he told you to stay put is a good way to get treated like a King... Rodney King.

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89- he was asked for license and registration, so he was getting it, I'm assuming he turned back around documents in hand to see the gun pointed. he screwed up if he got out of his car without being told to, but not before that.

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That's why I said narrate and move slowly, it saves on that kind of incident. He didn't do wrong at that point, but he could have done better.

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let's all argue over an fml. cool. BIG STICK FTW!!!!!

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Is that what it seemed we were doing? My apologies, we were simply discussing the situational merit of the finer nuances of police/civilian interaction as espoused by our differing cultural backgrounds. On a side note w00t for the big stick.

How the **** does a cup look like a gun. >.>

Must be some weird-looking guns being made nowadays.

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TAKE THAT COPPA! *runs away with empty cup*

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It doesn't cops are just ****** gay

From the right angle anything can look like a gun. OP is in California - my guess is that the cop knows at least one fellow officer that was shot on a routine traffic stop. To him even more things could look like possible guns. Ops problem is that he got out of the car. Even up here in Canada we don't get out of the car unless asked to.

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c'mon, don't tell me you guys haven't heard of the dreaded coffee gun. it looks like a regular old coffee cup... but... when you pull the trigger... WHABAM!!!! you get nailed. it's totally lethal. my dad has like three.

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I've heard US cops can be like that. It sucks for you but it's hardly surprising they are jumpy when they never know who or what they'll come across next. They put their lives on the line every time they stop someone. F their lives - I wouldn't want their job. Would you?

They weren't forced into taking that job. Just because there are some psychos out there doesn't mean EVERYONE is a crazy **** wielding a weapon.

I'm going to school for it and frankly - as cynical as this may sound.. there are more "crazy *****" out there than you realize

They've been trained to always be on guard. Would you rather an officer get killed because he wasn't?

To 51... it only takes one crazy **** to **** you up.

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I'm sure that cop had someone pull a gun on him before causing him to be more cautious. it could have been night time when a cop is more likely to run into a dangerous person. OP kinda had it coming when he tried to exit the vehicle. He's lucky that cop holstered his weapon and used a baton instead.

better to err on the side of caution...

Actually the crazy **** wielding a weapon is usually the one that looks the most sane.

people say that but whens the last time a cop got shot where they didn't shoot first? The bravery of the police is greatly overstated.

That sounds like the start of a por.. never mind.

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I don't see why 50 had three thumb downs. I would assume that its was what she wanted to say.

Probe? Wait that still could be interpreted sexually...

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lol your picture.. that guy is hilarious

50 got thumbed down for being a combo-breaker and not noticing the others were ring witty(ish)

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LOL someone here has the right idea

he lives in Cali those cops are crazy! but you're prolly right ops black or Latino

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Getting out of the car when a cop pulls you over is considered a threat in most states

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not unless he was ordered out

dtbomb 3

You are correct but I don't think OP was.

"I stepped out" not "he told me to step out" and the cop wouldn't hit him if he told him to step out. If that happened then OP could report him.

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possibly, but I know (unless it's there for show and nothing more, or things have changed since I last tried to post a FML) that you are limited on how many characters one is allowed in a FML, and left that out

I think the authenticity of a lot of FML's wouldn't be questioned if the amount of characters allowed would increase. I'm not saying we should be allowed to write a novel on here, but it's really difficult to make yourself clear in, what is it, 300 characters? As far as this particular fml goes, it's a huge YDI if he stepped out of the car without being asked. We also don't know if he still had a gun pointed to his head at this point, which would also be a huge YDI haha.

I'm glad other people noticed this. It sucks that he made that mistake, but if he didn't tell you to get out of the car, you can't blame him for attempting to protect himself if he needed to.

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definitely. op didn't say the cop asked him to get out and if he didn't that's a YDI BUT I'm guessing if the cop thought he had a gun he would ask the person to "step out the car with their hands behind their head" lol

op seems a bit dumb in general... maybe I'm just judging

Big, very big. He beat OP's meat with said stick because of the evil cup gun.

Do I really need to explain the joke? For ***** sake it's not that bloody difficult to understand.

I just got pulled over. 13 inches. :O

My bad, didn't notice the error when I wrote it. Thanks.

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...that sucks but why would you get out of car unless asked by officer...?? i mean you could have explained that it's not a gun...cop might have thought that you are coming out of car to attack him...!!!!

That would be incredibly hard to believe, as most cops are Ok with you getting out of you vehicle for whatever reason, so long as you tell them first (I'm assuming the OP did)....Then again I know I've have a taser shoved in my face,guns,batons and car impounded by idiotic cops for "Possesion of weapons" in my boot....Yes officers, my spare tire & tire iron will magically leap out from the other end of my car and kill you......