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Today, I wrote the girl I love a long, gushy letter to convince her to be with me instead of her abusive ex. Later on, I asked her what she thought. She said she can't read cursive. She chose the ex. FML
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Some chicks are into getting beat, and or choked

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Why shouldn't he write a letter in cursive?

Most of the time I don't find it hard to read at all. Exceptions for when the person's handwriting is just awful of course but that applies regardless of whether or not they write in cursive.

But no one can read a doctor prescription

Maybe you should have sent him a letter in Comic Sans font.

Being in an abusive relationship is most often an endless cycle, he will continue to break her down and apologize for it, treat her like a queen for a few days then go on months of abuse again. I'm sorry you fell in love with someone who is in this cycle, it's best to move on rather than getting hurt every time she runs to you for a day and back to him for months.

OP , she's clearly stupid for choosing some abusive asshole over someone who would cherish her . Maybe it would be smart to look elsewhere . There's plenty of fish in the sea . You'll find your mermaid (:

Well if she's that dumb, you can definately do better.

saransh 3

Totally. Don't let her use you and cry upon your shoulder every time she gets abused. She will regret it later. And you can find someone who is truly yours and worth all the troubles in the world. Good luck!

Wow, thats what I call absurd! Don't worry op you will find someone who will appreciate everything you do

Definitely* It's only an FML if you continue to pursue her. Dumb chicks stay with guys like that all the time for equally dumb reasons. Find a woman with an education. You're better off.

He can do better, but did he think to read it to her in person or would it not help?

WhisperSoflty 20

How can you say he deserves better? It doesn't sound like he does to me. He sounds like the stereotypical "Nice Guy" who thinks that because he acts like a good friend to a girl that he's somehow entitled to a romantic advancement of the friendship. If he really wanted to get in this girls head and out of the abusive relationship, writing her some corny "love letter" and essentially going, "ditch that zero and get with the hero, babe." is the wrong way to go about it. It sounds to me like he doesn't care so much that she got back with her ex because he's an abusive asshole, but that she got back together with him even though she had, in his mind, a better option right in front of her.

94 I meant to thumb you down the fact that I pressed the wrong button is frustrating . Have a nice day !(:

HerroMaylaHerro 6

96- I'll thumb them down for you ;)

If her boyfriend is abusive, she might not be able to get out of it. Maybe have some sympathy? :/

she can always get out of it, it's hard but not as hard as she might think. Help is out there, but only she can act on it.

perfect analysis. 'good guys' aren't always what they seem!

WhisperSoflty 20

121, I do have sympathy for the girl. My best friend is caught in an abusive relationship right now and it breaks my heart to see what she's going through. But you better believe that any guy who tried to get her to break up with her current asshole to be with them would put my guard up. All I'm saying is that OP should be trying to talk this girl out of the abusive relationship because it's abusive and she deserves better treatment, not because he feels like he's a better option. And can you honestly tell me that the tone of this FML doesn't reek of, "God, she's so dumb. And lazy. I'm so totally better than that guy. Why can't she see that?"? Because that's what it sounds like to me, and that doesn't sound like a guy who "deserves better". It sound like a guy who needs an attitude check.

Welcome to the idiot minds of girls! Even though she can't read cursive she still had the song to listen to. I just think she liked getting abused..

fylx100 19

And now welcome to the idiot mind of the girl above me. #7, no where in this FML does it say that he also gave her a song to listen to. Oh the irony... Re-read the FML again.

Nowhere in that FML does it say anything about a song... Someone else needs to learn to read ;) and you beat me too it... Great minds think alike

Song? Well you obviously would know since you were there

And this is not my sister. I'm her brother using her account... So lay off the insult. Honest misread.

movealongnow 1

The idiot mind belongs to the one who thinks people like getting abused. And YDI a little OP for not just talking to her in person if you wanted her that bad. Or still not talking to her now and allowing her to continue to be abused. May have lost the battle but not necessarily the war!

Holy ****, another "It was my sibling! Don't blame me for being a dumbass!" excuse? When will you people learn to just own your mistake, learn from it, and move on? NO ONE BELIEVES YOU.

DocBastard, I actually had to thumbs you down. You misread as well, he didn't say he wasn't responsible, he just was clarifying that he wasn't the girl in the profile pic. Still stupid, but for different reasons.

KMtheDrummer - Reread #41. Oh never mind, I'll quote it: "...this is not my sister. I'm her brother using her account." I'm not sure what comment you're talking about.

saransh 3

Doc- I think it is an honest mistake on lively's part. If you read his first comment.. Quote "welcome to idiot minds of girls." Its quite possible that he used his sister account as her sister being a girl, wouldn't generalize girls. And when will people start to believe in others, forgive and move on. And here I thought its a beautiful place to live to, but we will go out of way to insult and target for such a small mistake.

this is the real owner of this account... Do You think I would insult Another just because she decided to go back to her abusive ex?? I'm not that kind of girl. And I'm glad my brother clarified that he was using my account because he knows I won't post a reply like that. Whether you believe it or not is your problem, but don't call my brother an idiot.

That comment was for #98 and the others.

I think everyone here makes excellent points and that we've all learned some valuable lessons about the magic of friendship an power of love. LOVE!

Lively12 - People insult other people here for the smallest reason, and commenters have used this excuse countless times to try to get out of making a stupid comment. But if it truly was your brother, then I owe you an apology.

LSUtigres 2

Guys calm down it was a mistake in reading I did the same thing. It doesn't make us jackasses or idiots. If anything it makes you the ass for insulting on an honest mistake

09Z_fml 4

i agree with 7. this girl is a lost cause OP. move on. you can do better. you can never win with idiots like this girl. she wants to be abused. it isnt your duty to save her, you will just get hurt more. i know. ive been there.

Why would we re-Wright it? The Wright brothers were inspirational figures in history-- I'm just kidding. Go back to English class please.

I can understand mixing up right and write, but WRIGHT? Really, go back to English class.

KiddNYC1O 20

Ah, next year will mark the 110th year since the Wright brother's first flight. I remember 2003 I received a decent 100th anniversary book.

Mabe u should rewright it into a sowng and sail it. U kould maki sum monie

furry_fml 6

Maybe YOU should go back to English class too

coolbrony12 3

Haha easy guys Auto-corrects get us all!

Yes. It autocorrected to wright. Your hands don't go anywhere near the 'g' or the 'h' when typing write. Stop making excuses.

gmc_blossom 21

You guys, maybe 107's sibling posted that comment.

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zuzupetalsYO 11

Why didn't you read it to her OP? Can you not read cursive either?

Hmmm, caring boyfriend who is romantic or her abusive ex. Yet she chose the ex. **** logic.