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By the hated - 09/07/2013 02:02 - United States - Absecon

Today, a friend thought it would be funny to make a R.I.P. page for me on Facebook. Most liked post? "Too bad this page is fake." FML
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Dswank620 18

Time to get some new friends OP

HowAreYouToday 34

Either they're joking, or you have some mofos to unfriend.


Dswank620 18

Time to get some new friends OP

More like time to get revenge, sleep with his gf, post pics to his timeline and show them all how Very Alive you are.

#18 that would be unnecessary and would actually make the situation worse

How do you know his friend has a girlfriend? Dumb.

AboveAll04 14

once they see that he is in fact still alive, they will probably think the zombie apocalypse has begun. Then they will kill him anyway :) sucks to suck

Sounds like OP might be in high school. Just the vibe I'm getting based on his friends? It also sounds like the time my friends locked me out of the safe house during the zombie apocalypse of '05

KiddoKS 19

18, My first thought was necrophilia, not proving that he was alive. I think there's something very wrong with me.

tjv3 10

Umm maybe it's because you are in jersey ? J/k

I agree with 1, OP. They aren't really your friends if they think joking around about your death is funny. Time to find new friends that appreciate you!

HowAreYouToday 34

Either they're joking, or you have some mofos to unfriend.

Or maybe they liked the post because they knew it was a joke, and that op wasn't actually dead? =/

HowAreYouToday 34

Wait... Isn't that what *joking* means?

Those are some awful friends you've got there OP

They actually seem about on par for average friends. I mean, I'm the kind of person that would write that post, and most of the people I know would have found it funny. Assuming everyone has a similar sense of humor it seems like a normal thing. If Op got legitimately upset by the post then the friends could easily just apologize and explain the joke.

Well people don't have a similar sense of humour. It's not funny wishing death on someone else. Maybe the RIP page could've been funny to an extent but the post definitely was not.

I meant more along the lines of all of Ops friends, including the Op. if all of them had similar senses of humor then the type of joke would be normal. And even if their sense of humor is different all he has to do is explain it wasn't funny, and then hopefully they apologize. All I'm saying is that the Facebook page and posts doesn't necessarily make them bad friends.

That's what I just said (I probably should have read your post beforehand.) If they tease and insult each other like this as part of their friendship than it would okay to post that comment, OP could laugh and post an even better comeback. Otherwise, that's a pretty nasty thing to post about someone. The friend faking OP's death however, is pretty low either way.

Try to get your friend to delete the page. May help you feel better.

Wowxoxo 17

c'est pas un screenshot de sleepy hollow ça ?

Wow that's so rude. People become so tough when they're on the Internet. Try to ignore it and don't stoop to their level of ignorance

One reason it could have gotten so many likes is because they knew OP was obviously not dead and they were annoyed OP made that (because it's low to joke about dying) so maybe they decided to say something low in return? Not saying its justified but maybe that's the case.

whiteboy896 9

lmaooooo sorry but thats funny op.

Yeah I'm sure you'd be laughing if it were happening to you

whiteboy896 9

yeah i probably would since i have a sense of humor.

Most people do, but don't realize how things like this can effect people even if it is "a joke"

Laughing my ass off off off off off? I'm confused, why so many o's?

thisChick99 6

That's really messed up. I'd be hurt. But then again, At least you're alive(:

For now. I mean, ummm, we all die sometime right?

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

So a sea cucumber walks up to a mollusk. That phrase always makes me think of finding Nemo.