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By anonymous - 06/03/2016 05:33 - Australia - Sydney

Today, my 17 year-old daughter told me she was going to bake a cake. When she finished, she offered me some, but it was crunchy. I asked her why and she said the recipe said to put eggs in. She put them in whole. FML
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How does one go 17 years without knowing how to crack an egg? Or that it needs to be cracked?


Well at least she followed directions? Seriously tho good luck to her in college

Perhaps you need to spend time with her in the kitchen. She followed the instructions, she just didn't know to not take them so literally. Use this as a good opportunity to bond more with her.

I can't cook to save myself. I can cook pancakes, fried eggs and packet foods. I think I'd burn a salad if I was to ever make one. I'm an accounting student with high distinctions, there is no correlation that just because she can't cook that she won't do well in college.

How does one go 17 years without knowing how to crack an egg? Or that it needs to be cracked?

Even my three-year-old knows to Crack eggs, and can do it himself if they don't need to be separated. My six-year-old can separate them. How can one get to 17 without gaining that knowledge SOMEWHERE?

Makes me feel better about my cooking skills XD

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I don't see how this us OP's fault. The daughter is 17, so she SHOULD know better.

has she never cooked or something? my mom started teaching me to cook at 13

I agree with 26. I don't know how to cook much but man, at least I understand you need to crack the eggs before mixing them.

Did you never show her? Or did she never see you crack one? Surely she has been in a kitchen before...

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That's what I wondered. No one should get to the age of 17 and not know the basics. I think every person, male or female, needs to learn basic cooking skills. They don't need to be gourmet chefs, but someone who is 17 should be able to cook a decent meal. Or at least know to crack an egg.

Have you not baked/cooked with her previously? She should have learned how to crack an egg by now...

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Yup she definitely raised an egg...

You would think just from watching her parents do it she would at least know to open the egg first, no?

Sometimes you have to crack a few eggs to make... Well, it wasn't an omelet. Clearly the saying doesn't apply.

And I have a suspicion that the omelet would be just as bad or dangerous to eat lol But OP should be proud that her daughter follows directions...just a little too eggxactly.. :/

Shoutout to #10 for telling it how it is.

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Time for a parent-daughter cooking adventure!