By ramis182 - 27/03/2012 00:17 - United States - Federal Way

Today, I was not yet wearing my bouncer uniform when a fight broke out at a club. I intervened, only to have the cops who showed up tase me because they thought I was part of it. FML
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why wouldn't you have had your uniform on before you got to the club?

Nothing is hotter than an electrifying bouncer whose not afraid to fight


why wouldn't you have had your uniform on before you got to the club?

As long as OP had something that identified his job then he shouldn't have gotten tased, otherwise YDI

That's why you should always go prepared.

Maybe OP felt like having a bit of a dance before his shift started?

rotflqtms_ 21

Or maybe OP doesn't like walking in public with a bouncer uniform on to attract unnecessary attention. Some people change at work because they don't feel like (if he takes public transportation) riding a bus suited up in a bouncer uniform...

Yeah, I'd hate walking outside in my work uniform & Something happens & people look to me like, "hey, you're a bouncer, isn't it your job to stop fights?" Thy stop fights because They're paid to stop them. Why get in unnecessary scuffles if you don't need to? Dangerous Or what if some drunk decides to just stabs them because they hate some bouncer who didn't let them into a club the night before, & I have a target on him/her saying, "Hey, look! I'm the reason you can't get into clubs! Haha!" I have been attacked by crazies because of my job before, so I don't advertise what I do anymore. It's just not worth it.

*they* not thy. "He/she", not I I had everything in first person, & tried to edit it to make the top part in third person, but missed a couple...and ran out of editing time.

Maybe op had yet to change into their bouncer uniform.

43- your picture fits your comment so well xD.

Nothing is hotter than an electrifying bouncer whose not afraid to fight

Bouncers who purposely aggravate the public with the intention to spark a fight are total tossers.

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Now ya know to wear it next time.

The only thing that has caught my attention on this thread is your picture. Challenge ******* accepted.

What's up with cops using tasers all the time..those things are deadly. Shouldn't use them unless it is really needed.

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Well he's obviously big and can fight if he's a bouncer at a club, so they probably saw him as a threat.

Because they've forgotten how to speak to people.

#25, You're actually right, speaking to a violent person is the best way to calm the situation. Even the marines that caught Osama merely spoke to him, he listened and obeyed every command. Also, most of the battles that were ever fought in world war two, saw opposing nations verbally settle the argument across the trenches by yelling at each other across land-mine torn fields.

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@30 I agree sometimes talking is just not an available option unless you're a spy trained in the art of conversational manipulation even then a fight is unavoidable

Less than lethal force. Better then cops swinging their batons and breaking bones right? While it may kill every now and then, 99% it is quick, effective, and non lethal.

50 I bet if your relative was in the 1% your view would change drastically. Judging from what op said the cops were in danger at no time therefore use of tasers was not needed.

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We never caught Osama. The SEALs killed him. Also, trenches were from WWI.

Agreed, that's just plain bad luck right there.

FYL, Tasering hurts, now unleash your Thunder >:D

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Don't be shocked that they tased you! You weren't wearing your uniform, silly! :) FYL though!

desireev 17

I know!... That's too bad! I watt to be able to help him! Ways to help him are just buzzing through my brain.. But I'm still waiting for my lightbulb to flicker on! He should definitely switch into his uniform next time though! :)

desireev 17

Hehe.. That was my first time doing that.. And it was punny!! Haha! :)

Gosh I think all those puns just made my night haha

And I bet you learned a lesson huh? You probably won't enter the club to go to work without your uniform on again