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By Frustrated - 03/01/2014 02:24 - United States - Tustin

Today, my neighbor's sons decided it would be funny to throw rocks at my house. I went outside to scold them and saw my other neighbors gathered around, watching. They didn't stop them because they thought I wasn't home. FML
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JocelynKaulitz 28

Yup, they're stoners alright.

PugDelatorre 11

what did you fo to piss everyone off?

StiffPvtParts 43

Probably nothing. My lovely neighbors set my car on fire just hours after I moved in. I've live here for 2 years, and I've seen them burn down my neighbors house, brake into my car twice, and throw rocks at my windows on a daily basis. I would've moved out years ago, but in my current financial state... I just can't afford to do so (._.)

StiffPvtParts 43

I guess it's just the price I have to pay for living in a foreign country (._.)

ThatFancyPenn 18

24, you can't just call the police?

23-- burned your car and burned down the neighbor's house?! Where the hell do you live?! I think I would eat just once a day, walk to my destinations (if possible), and live with bare minimum to get the hell outta there. Your neighbors might try to burn down your house with you in it.

#23 and #24 call the goddamn police

StiffPvtParts 43

#33 and #38, I always do, but there is a limit to what they can do about it. At least the police are nice enough to drive by once a day and twice during the night :c #34, At least 80% of my neighborhood is populated by Irish gypsies. They tend to stick together, and they really hate outsiders. They also don't acknowledge any kind of authority other than their own, which means they don't work and just live on welfare checks. There is this 14 year old girl who lives down the street, her father likes to get drunk and beat the crap out of her. I always let her crash on my couch when she has nowhere else to go. Anyway, I've lived in Ireland half my life but this is the first that I have come across such horrible people.

"They didnt stop them because they thought ypi wernt home" who does that? Thats really stupid.

JocelynKaulitz 28

Sounds like OP doesn't have neighbors, OP has assholes.

get a paintball gun they will learn fast !!

Why paintball? I'm more of a rubber band Gatling gun person myself. That would be set on my roof so I could spray everybody with rubber bands.

They'll learn faster with a real gun. NOBODY ***** with my house.

LizetteBerenice 22

I would confront them and if they don't stop I'd call the law

Zimmington 21

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the difference here is adults weren't just standing around watching and not stopping you

And that nobody actually lived there.

And it was already half-burnt to the ground, anyway.

Take up airsoft. They sting like hell, and they come in pistols, snipers, etc. They use 6mm plastic BB's, which, like I said, sting, but don't penetrate the skin.

erck3800 12

paintballs hurt more and have a longer range, much more effective imo

Pstraka6 20

Wont be fun when you slap their parents with papers. Use the law to your benefit!

Go to the grocery store and buy some canned sheep brains (yes, really). Then throw them at the little delinquents. If anyone protests, just say "But I didn't think they had any!"