By homework - / Tuesday 21 July 2009 07:34 / India
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  AeryFairy  |  10

It may have been a design project or something similar, that required sketches and things of that nature... actually, it's fairly likely, considering the fact that 100 pages of typewritten stuff could be around 50,000 words. I've never known a school project that needed to be that length, not even at degree level.

  AeryFairy  |  10

No, I know about ICT coursework, I've been there. But even that didn't just have to be printed out; we had to present it on sheets of A3 with handwritten annotations. Uck. I was just assuming that the OP wouldn't bitch about something when they could just hit 'print' again and be done with it.

  popping_pants  |  0

He's from India. Summer homework is pretty regular there. I remember I had to do 6 math problems everyday throughout summer break, and it all had to be handwritten, so I can see why he had 100 pages worth of homework.

  StarGirl11  |  0

This person lives in India. Their schedule is different compared to the US and some other countries, thus the homework during summer. I should know I lived their for about 2 years growing up.

  sophielotus  |  2

A lot of people... Every honors or ap language arts student, for example, will probably end up having summer reading. Even at highschool level 9-12th grades. I know I did.

  mardybum_fml  |  0

Teachers here many times insist on hand written assignments. I'm an engineering student majoring in Computer Science & many times even I have to submit hand written assignments & practical files.

  wut_fml  |  0

You don't even know what the assignment is. He could have been doing chemistry or engineering - something that required diagrams or equations. You can't do that properly in a word processor, and I sure as hell wouldn't pay out the ass for specialized software either. Most people do it by hand.

  zargon  |  1

The standard "specialized software" for that sort of thing is all 100% free (as in speech _and_ as in beer), so there's no problem there. I've done most of my undergrad- and graduate-level mathematics and sciences homework on the computer, and it's usually the preferred method.

  seb12992  |  0

To the bitch who posted number 7.

Perhaps they took out the trash and the garbage man came and got it? Think before you make yourself look like a slut.

By  wws_LT  |  0

it's easy to tell her what she should've done! I think what you should do now is beat your father for being careless and not reading papers before throwing them out- unless your work was crumpled up on the floor

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