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Today, my dad went through my room while I was out and threw away the "inappropriate pictures" that he found. They're the nudes I've been working on for art class. FML
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aww man, maybe your teacher can talk to him?

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Redtube Youporn Youjizz. Assignment saved.


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tarabelle 7

many art classes have students draw nudes

Artsy people see beauty in the human body, and therefore often use it as a model for their art.

stfuitscindeeeh9 3

Probably wasn't elementary art :)

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A lot of times it's a requirement. there's nothing strange about drawing nude art anyway

Rather than beauty, its for the anatomy. To be able to draw and animate something as simple as bugs bunny, you need to have worked out the kinks of human anatomy.

stfuitscindeeeh9 3

Besides the fact it'd be kind of awkward..

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tsim, the point is to improve anatomy in drawings or purely as inspiration, I think you may be thinking of something entirely different if you link it to perversion

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actually I am calm :) just replying to some FML comments before I fall asleep

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Sorry for my ignorance. I know nothing of art

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its all good bro-ur opinion :/

Yes you do... Music is absolutely a form of art.

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RainbowHeadache 2

He wasn't even insulting you. He gave you a compliment and yet you call him a retard. And he's correct, music is a form of art.

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With music you paint a a picture in the minds of your listeners, while paintings are physical. So, visual art and audio art, close enough

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my bad, the concept of art may be the same but knowing about music doesn't mean you know anything of physical art

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btw-47 my bio was just some shit i thought of to fill it in. its not enough for you to say I suck at rapping

tsim you can't honestly be so stupid!!! I mean I refuse to believe that you don't walk around wearing a helmet

Wow douche-bag I was trying to be nice but you have your head too far up your wannabe rapper bitch-ass, to be able to tell. And yes, music IS art. If you're that ignorant maybe you should go back to school. You definitely aren't gonna be in the New York Times with that attitude.

hey let him believe what he wants if he doesn't think music is an art then he uses music as his hobby and doesn't really make it from his heart, if he did he would understand what art actually is ignorance is bliss

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calm the **** down I apologized you piece of shit. Then I respectfully said I know nothing of physical art. If you cant handle that then I say YOU go back to school. Im sorry that I have a bad temper problem, its not like I can help it

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wow, took you a whole 30 minutes write that. congrats.

tsim it took half of that for you to make everyone on this site think you're an inbred

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I understand tsim is a bit odd but why is everyone hating on him? yeah his opinions aren't great to ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE but we all have our own opinions so let's not focus so much on hating on his

Oh sweet, a rap battle! Now both of you can prove just how truly gangsta you are for the whole FMLosphere! I'm so excited! Ooooor, you could all just chill the **** out, shut the hell up, and move along. You're all looking more and more foolish with each new bit of inanity.

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thanks 87, and no im not gonna write anything for you to diss you or whatever, and not because im a puss, but because your not worth my time and i dont just write random rhymes to dis people. I put clever lyrics to music and make it sound good. Gay ass rap battles dont mean anything. its not music

Doc maybe you can fill me in what's inanity

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90- i respect that, but who are you to tell us to shutup? the chinese government?

Who am I? WHO AM I? HAVE YOU ANY IDEA WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH?? No, seriously I'm a big nobody, but this is the section to comment on the FML and other comments, not to have an argument. There's a PM ability here. Use it.

hahahaha!! good posts, would read again.

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Doc, I like the fact and i agree with you. I quit the argument when I read that but im just saying who are you to tell us that, u know

. . . why did you need to pull in the Chinese government dude? Where's the relevance for it in this argument?

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101- The Chinese Government censors peoples ideas and tells them they can't say or do something. Like Doc is saying not to argue

ignorance is bliss is true. but it is a nature for humans to want to learn.

Apart from being a prick, he decides to be racist and pull in the chinese government. How old are you really?

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How is it being racist? I didn't insult Chinese or single them out or anything. I just said the Government in China censors people. You sir are more of a prick 'than me' but according to other i should just kill myself cause im such a dumbfuck

Kn0wledge123 21

Mr. Tsim Your comments are the most insanely idiotic pieces of crap I've ever had the displeasure of reading. At no point in your rambling incoherent posts were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on FML is now dumber for having reading them. I award you no likes, and may God have mercy on your soul.

tsim_fml 0

111- that comment completely contradicts the 2nd paragraph of your bio. Do you feel proud hating on me and contradicting yourself?

Tsim, please stop eating the paint chips off the walls and put your helmet back on and just leave while you can. /facepalm

Never Gonna Give You Up! Never Gonna Let You Down! Never Gonna Run Around And Desert You! Never Gonna Make You Cry! Never Gonna Say Goodbye! Never Gonna Tell A Lie And Hurt You!

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I wonder how the Mods feel about these Internet fights. To them, we're probably like poor, low class group of people fighting over a little price of land while they sit on their thrones and watch us as a form of entertainment.

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ohhh ... hmmm i love the arguments on here !! everyone shud jus chill lol pllzzz ^.^

109, are you really so weak and stupid? First of all, why do you care what they say? And would what a couple of strangers' words actually make you kill yourself? How pathetic. And yes, you were being racist. Think if you had said, " Who are you to tell us to shuttup? A black man?" Doesn't that sound racist? (I only used 'black man' as an example because unfortunatley, african americans are common victims of racism. I myself am not racist to african amerians at all). Putting Chinese ANYTHING in place of that would STILL be racist. You ALSO didn't have to say the CHINESE government in particular. All states have laws, and the laws tell you what you can and can't do.

aww man, maybe your teacher can talk to him?

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liberal people suck dick

Actually I think YOU suck dick :-) How's it taste "pussy destroyer?"

But if the teacher talks to him, then the teacher will find out the dad didnt throw out the pictures, but actually kept them for himself.

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57- just because 46 stated his opinion about liberals doesn't mean you have to hate on him and say that he sucks dick. btw 46- i completely agree with you.

Wow you are just an annoying little **** aren't you? Did you know that in general, conservatives don't like rap? Ignorant...

Oh and by the way, what I said to 46 was in fact 'my opinion.'

your dad didnt like the titanic i take it?

Petey...the guy probably doesn't know the difference between liberals and conservatives.

wait. are we talking about the party's liberals and conservatives or people who act liberal or conservative??

harbqll 0

46, your comment isn't really germane to the topic. You are right though - Libtards do generally suck dick.

Kittenfluff 2

Chill out a bit, 186, yeah? I don't think liberals suck, I don't think conservatives suck. Ultimately we're all just people with differing ways of looking at the world. And the conservative people don't generally like rap bit? You said it yourself, buddy - generally. I know quite a few conservatives who dig rap, and obviously dude up there is one of them then, don't see how being an exception makes him ignorant though. Some flawed logic you have there... And this is just me 'expressing my opinion', which you, him and I all have a right to, regardless of inane it may be. :P

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that's because rap sucks dick

Quyzl 0

More liberals should suck dick then.

officially the most random comment chain on FML...

where the hell did rap come from here? musical opinion is unrelated to politics. ignoramus... (yes that's a word)

oh helllll no! haha thats gonna be my 'FML'

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my stepdad use to throw all my artwork out because it was 'disturbing' really my art was an outlet because he was such a dick. sorry op :(

she does not look like Rebecca black. this girl is actually really pretty whereas rebecca black looks like a cow pie covered moldy bread.

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rebbeca black is the male version of Justin beiber

yohooooooo 5

HAHA! I went to school with Rebecca black last year

160... I'm guessing that's black face paint? lol

160, that makes perfect sense because you're 21, and she is 13. You're either as stupid as a three legged giraffe repeatedly hobbling into a brick wall, or you dress up as a little boy to please the pedophile inside of you, just screaming to be let out.

can't argue with that. you look like kesha

yohooooooo 5

well 234 I'm using my cousins account soo it's all his birthday info and stuff.

besties06 0

234, they are like 14. in 1996, your 14 or 15. They're not 21.

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WTF take them out from trash fyl

comepoopwithme 0

then they would literally be "dirty pictures"

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Takador 3

Take a Dirty Picture for me, take a Dirty Picture, just send the Dirty Picture to me, send the dirty pictureeeeeee

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Ahh that's tough. Definitely have your parent talk to the teacher. I assume this is college art haha.

caaamilleeee 0

my art classes drew nudes all four years in high school. it's not limited to college students

YDI for working on nudes in art class

sailorzoe 14

You deserve a beating for expressing your idiotic opinions when you have no concept of what it takes to be an artist.

tsim_fml 0

39- You deserve a makeover for having so many tattoos.

hey idiot her tattoos are cool and she's right about you not knowing anything about art. suck failure

tatoos aren't cool, they are idiotic

cldean24 4

64 you are an absolute idiot. Zoe, you seem like a very interesting person. And I don't think she would ever give a damn what any of you thought of her because you all are really ******* stupid -_-

Personally, I love your tattoos. It's sad there are so many conservative pricks with sticks up their asses to appreciate things like that.

smartalek 2

wow. you have to. im assuming its an art college, in which case you MUST take them.

spartanfan68 0

tatoos are cool if there are descrete

cupcake112397 0

39- I love your tattoos, I wish people weren't as up tight as they are about them. I personally like them (tattoos).

yohooooooo 5

so 81 having a tattoo of someone that is using a lawn mower on my pubes isn't cool?

oliveindamiddle 0

64- I'm not a huge fan of tattoos either, but damn you. she is gorgeous with or without them, and what's your right to tell her she's not?! ass

tsim_fml 0

i was just replying to her saying that 7 should get beaten just for saying "ydi for working on nudes in art" and to the others, i have a full sleeve on my left arm and 4 tats on my right so i actualy love tattoos, that post was just a harmless joke. xP

126, I'm not idiotic but tattoos are, especially if you are covered in them. discrete ones are ok but when they are everywhere they just make people look unprofessional and it makes them seem like attention ******

tsim_fml 0

175- I would agree completely if somebody had tattoos just to look good, and if they didn't mean anything to them, but all my tattoos are really important to me and thats why I got them. Whether they are discreet or not I dont think it makes a difference.

staceysgenesis16 0

I love it when people judge other peoples appearances, but they don't have the guts to have a picture of themself out there.

then why dud all early civilizations use them for rituals and to sort out the weak because you could very well die from them back then...

'iluvpink10', God I hope that was a joke...

Look at her name. Clearly she thinks her IQ of 10 is something to brag about...that's why it's in her name.

hm tats are idiotic...? you know maybe youre right and people shouldnt get tattoos. you know like getting a tattoo from being in service. thats just silly. who would want to take pride in fighting for their country? psh

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

haha you guys are arguing about her tattoos lol :)

bad-ass tattoos. I would never have the balls to get something that big done. :D

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lucas755 1

You people are crazy. Someone doesn't like someone else's tattoos. Get over it.

MyNameIsBruce 0

84- woa, you can be conservative and like tattoos. I've got a couple.

sephoraprincess 7

i wouldn't get a tattoo myself, but a lot of people I know just get them to look cool or badass. I admire the ones who get important ones such as their childrens' names or a cross, rather than "hot mamma" across the lower back.

turtle_brigade 0

Not all tattoos need to be deep and spiritually meaningful. They are supposed to reflect your life. And no one's life is that serious. if they think it is, they're probably a douche.

tsim_fml 0

281- Amen to that brother! The one and only thing Obama has done that is good is have Osama Bin Laden killed.

well I personally think that she's beautiful!! u guys r so mean! just cuz someones different, doesn't mean she's a freak

sailorzoe 14

Just so everyone knows. If I gave the slightest **** about what people thought: I wouldn't cover myself in my life story. Also about tattoos being unprofessional: My fiancé is heavily tattooed and he's a master mechanic for BMW. I am a graphic designer. We make pretty good money so FYL.

livvyluvlaf 8

yeah tattoos are extremely idiotic. one small tattoo on say ur ankle. nbd. but tons all over ur arms and chest and prob way more? idiotic. definitely

7 - Drawing nudes is how you study anatomy.

how old are you?? to work on nudes I'm assuming you've gotta be older....but pretty young if your dad still thinks you shouldn't have them....

stfuitscindeeeh9 3

The world will never know.

well, I think there isn't a age when drawing nudes isn't appropriate, it helps with drawing people. unless it was used for pornographic use, then that would be highly inappropriate at a young age sometimes people are just too prude

Exactly. Art is art! They're not going to be sitting around in class jacking off. If art is important to someone, there shouldn't really be age limits restricting the amount they can learn.

kinga08 0

When I was in high school, the art majors had the opportunity to take nude drawing classes, I believe, starting their junior year. They drew live nude models. Their work was posted in the hallways, so even the freshmen, who are around 14 years old, can see them. But before you think this was awesome for the boys to look at, trust me, they definitely were not drawing any Giselle Bundchen-type bodies.

LIVE NUDE MODELS?!?! What school is this?? I really need to go there!!

FunwithBumperCar 0

I wana draw a nude of you (:

enonymous 8

Redtube Youporn Youjizz. Assignment saved.

spartanfan68 0

are we really going to start this again ... xhamster, worldwide wives, pornhub, and **** tube

TheDrifter 23

hotandmean extremetube efukt? Thus was a great game the first time.

enonymous 8

Who said anything about restarting the game. I just want some hardcore **** for an art assignment