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Today, I finally finished my summer assignments for three AP classes. My schedule also arrived. Turns out my school can't place me in any of them, and I just wasted the last four weeks of my summer. FML
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Well, by the time you get your AP class, You'll have studied for it already. So Your holiday is not wasted. Sorta.

The point is that OP won't be in AP classes this year. I doubt they would remember all their studying for next year, which is why it's an FML.

You can still take the ap test at the end of the year. Not that you'd want to.

Well I wouldn't know coz I'm not American. Real good stereotyping there.

Spandexwiener.. Hm, nothing wrong here, carry on

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Can you not change your schedule OP?

Sometimes classes are full so they can't fit OP in them.

why is this thumbed down he has a somewhat valid point if he's a sophmore he can wait till junior year and talk something out with whoever handles ap classes and save that work and probably wont have to pay twice

Every time I see your profile picture, I think to myself it'd look even better with a car blowing up in the background...

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Personally, I think the AP summer work helped me learn nothing when I was in high school. And I don't think it really helps anybody else. I was just so focused on getting it done that I didn't care what the work was trying to teach me. And a lot of times I didn't do a lot of it. (Took 8 AP tests by graduation, and I passed them all. So slacking off on the work didn't hurt me in the long run, either.)

What's AP? (I'm not American...or Canadian)

67- Advanced placement. They give you university credits. Get enough in high schools and you can get your degree in 3 years instead of 4.

Yes. He learned that things don't always go as planned.

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I meant to take AP classes goof

Did OP take AP classes? No. Only did the summer homework

He basically did te work and won't get credit for it. Now that really sucks. But something's thing just don't work out. It sucks, yes, but life goes on for better or for worse.

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What else is there to say about it?

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That it seems that the situation also made op horny.

That sucks. Sure hope that doesn't happen to me, as I'm going to get my course assignments soon...

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OP should just change their elective if they have one and maybe that would change up their schedule.

Schoolwork during the summer holiday sucks.

I feel for you, OP. I'm supposed to be doing my summer reading for AP classes right now, too bad FML is so distracting...