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Today, I had to wake my mom up. While she was naked. On the toilet. FML
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hey I'm the OP and what happened was that we were both sleeping in the same room (well she was asleep) and she started snoring so i yelled at her which woke her up. then she realized that she had to use the bathroom so half asleep she took her bathrobe off and sat on the toilet. she fell back asleep because she went to bed about 2 hours before and had to wake up in another 2 hours to catch a plane. my mom is only 50 and i am 15. by the way all of your comments made me laugh and yeah i really do wish that memory would erase!

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Now there is a sight that will scar your child for life.

Hopefully there was nothing horribly messy stewing in there for a while that you had to flush, too.


Explain how this makes her a bad parent please in less than 50 words. Thank you.

yeah, if op is old enough to post this fml, I don't think the mother would be that much of an impression.

alexwow1 13

Did she not scream when you opened the door

#1 is, unintentionally, correct - it does show good parenting seeing as the child actually knew to help the mother when she was in need.

Maybe she has narcolepsy & op thought that she needed to be woken up before she fell off and hurt herself.

or maybe she had a lil too much drinky drinky...

19, how would she scream? She was asleep. Hence "I had to wake my mom up."

Unless she is a narcoleptic, she more than likely was on some sort of substance. Which would explain the nudity. Doesn't matter how old the op is, you think she would just up and start doing that stuff? More than likely has been doing whatever caused that behavior for a while as the op was growing up.

Agreed. I've been there OP (minus the nudity.) My mum takes sleeping meds & sometimes falls asleep somewhere odd or in a bad position. I've had to wake her often & get her comfy in bed. :)

Now there is a sight that will scar your child for life.

What has been seen can truly never be unseen

1PersonIsMyWorld 22 first thought was how old is this lady? like if op's mom was an elder and just randomly falls asleep..

Oh noes my mommy is naked! How terrifying! I sure hope I never see anyone naked again. :/

Be easy #41, the last three just hit puberty...

For me it's a daily occurence to see my parents naked, because we are very open. But in a family that is not as open it can be something scarring. It's not that you see the naked body, it's mostly the surprise.

Good luck getting that image out of your brain. FYL indeed OP

At least you are kind enough to wake her. Way to be a good son/daughter!

Hopefully there was nothing horribly messy stewing in there for a while that you had to flush, too.

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Some things just can not be unseen

And some smells just don't come out. No matter how much bleach and holy water you drown it in. No matter how many times you try to burn it to the ground.

football98_fml 20

well thats just disguisting and awkard...

Well from their name, I assume that they play football, and the typical stereotype of football players is they're not too bright.. but you know what happens when you assume..

Stereotyping a bit too far there. But ah yes, I assume my role as grammar nazi

to assume makes an 'ass' of 'u' and 'me'.

good luck trying to flush that out of your memory

where are the men in black when you need them?

Your mum just can't help but take her shit out on the toilet, okay? What's wrong with that?

Neyuu 18

Is this a normal occurrence? If so, you might want to consider investing in an airhorn and a mask to protect your eyes. You'll wake her up and she'll finish ********. Two birds with one stone.

I don't think it will work that way Or necessarily in that order.. Once the "horn is blown" so to speak..

And here I was thinking that only toddlers fell asleep on the toilet...

Did you wake her up by pulling on her milk jugs? If so I'll lash myself on the back

What the **** is wrong with you, just because you're into incest doesn't mean the other 99.9% of the world is.