By buttpain
Today, being a snow day, I decided to take a nice nap before resuming cleaning my room. Changed back into pajamas, climbed into bed, and found that one of the cats peed on my sheets. I've made negative progress, and had my underwear soaked in someone else's cold urine. FML
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By  Cinderstar95  |  13

Unless this is a pattern with your cat do beware that your fur baby might be trying to tell you something. He or she might have a urinary tract infection. If they do they will sometimes pee where you spent a lot of time to tell you. A visit to your vet might just be in order.

By  gichikku  |  14

I agree. It could be that, they don't like you, the litter box needs cleaning, they have peed there previously and you never got the full scent out, or other reasons. If none of the ones I said definitely get checked.

By  mariri9206  |  32

You should clean your room first and then reward yourself with a nap.