By corasmom - 27/07/2011 18:09 - United States

Today, I learned that my daughter's gerbils are not afraid of the vacuum cleaner. FML
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DAYM musta been like one of those shark navigators to handle one of those animals

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Gerbils? Plural? FYL. Must say, sounds a bit suss tho, you would have thought you'd stop at one.

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Gerbils? Plural? FYL. Must say, sounds a bit suss tho, you would have thought you'd stop at one.

Posts? Plural? FYL. Sounds a bit suss though, you would have thought you'd stop at one.

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they are easily mistaken as hair ur not to blame OP lol

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If I remember correctly if they get to scared they are frozen in fear so I don't believe they are deaf

ok this made laugh! SHOOMP! one on a wild ride! SHOOMP! that's two! the could be ok depending on the style vacuum...

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today I ****** my owners vacuum up. gerbal style and most def like a boss

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Our gerbils used to break loose and run around the house. I caught them playing inside the clear vacuum container. It was like the perfect habitrail with all the tubes, chambers, and pathways.

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My Samoyed always attacks our Roombas =|. Haha.

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The difference being that the rodents were sucked up by the vacuum cleaner whereas the dog walked away perfectly fine...

Buy some new ones before your daughter realizes. I think they're like $5-$20 each

rodents tend to have big personalitys and take a few weeks to get used to their owner, the kid would have to be very young not to notice :| unless they were newly bought and had common fur patterns

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jerk!!! u cant honestly be saying you sucked up your kids gerbils n replaced them n also be saying you've done it more than once. what the fuuuuuuuuukkkk is wrong with you?

isn't it convient that his pic is a shovel?

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gerbils are always escaping their cages. They really are clever little nuggets.

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choice o' word being nuggets.

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tell her you thought they were dust bunnies under her bed. works every time :)

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omg did you vaccum the gerbils are they ok? F those little gerbils lives....

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Now they can interact with the dust bunnies inside the vacuum. They will be the cutest playmates.