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Today, I was at my nursing internship. After helping a patient get into bed, I began to walk out of the room when I heard him say to another nurse, "Now that was a king sized lady". To make things even better, she didn't understand him the first time and I got to hear him say it again. FML
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Op here! I was happy to see all of the supportive comments I got, I was expecting a lot of negative comments from judgmental people and there were only a few. I am a bit over weight but I have been working on it, I've lost 40 pounds in the last year with 30 to go. I am also pretty tall for a woman (just under 6'). I'm still not sure if he was commenting on my height or weight (maybe a combination of both). The adorable 94 year old man who made this comment is very sweet normally, so my ego was a little hurt for a while but I decided to brush it off :-)

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Queen it up! Show him who's boss!


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Queen it up! Show him who's boss!

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What is that supposed to mean? Sit on him?

Queen ? I'm pretty sure she said king size.

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She probably already at it..

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How rude, but maybe this is a sign that you need to take better care of yourself. I'm not saying be a stick figure but at least average/healthy.

Maybe all the down votes are a sign for you to not be so judgmental

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How do you know that she's not healthy? She could just be bigger because that's the size that her body wants to be at.

Don't let the opinions of others become your reality.

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#5, especially if "your reality" is a delusion. It's easier than dieting.

What if everyone thinks you're sexy, funny, smart, nice, and a good person?

At least he didnt say more cushin for the pushin haha

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Take it as a positive, OP. No offense, and I do mean this with complete respect, but who wants an unhealthy nurse? A nurse that isn't healthy telling you that YOU should stay healthy? That doesn't seem very fair. Go for a walk, or maybe a run. You might even find a new hobby. Most people love it, as it reduces stress.

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And what if OP does run and has a health issue, say a Thyroid disorder? Thyroid problems run in my family and I have watched family members try for years nearly everything medically and diet/exercise related possible and still be stuck at 200lbs

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Too bad health doesn't necessarily correspond to weight. I'm very fit but I have overweight friends who could outrun me any day.

Your name kind of contridicted your post for me

Well if your feeling spiteful you can let him hear you say you need to find a better vein more than once if you nees to draw blod at any point. I won't tell.

a lady with a king sized heart since you help people and care about them

I know who your next patient getting disimpacted is. Look it up.

Well.... That was an interesting google search.

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#11, the opera ain't over 'til the fat lady sings . . . and fingers your asshole.