By liberatedwoman - 11/08/2009 14:57 - Oman

Today, my mother sat me down to tell me that since coming home from college, I sounded like "a liberated woman." She was disappointed and disturbed by this, and said that I should stop having strong opinions and ideals because it would make finding a husband for me difficult. FML
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Tell your mom to shut the **** up and that this isn't the 1950's.

Don't stop being "a liberated woman" everyone should use their brains and being willing to speak in a peaceful manor and have discussions on issues. Besides I would rather date a woman that can tell me that I am wrong and then we can discuss why I am wrong and find common ground. Keep it up, your doing the right thing.


in retrospect, my previous comment might be funnier if you lived in country where women like that were ever called "women's libbers." my b. i don't actually know what oman's term is for women who think that women should be treated like people.

yeah, here and now. that doesn't mean it's universal.

want to hear a joke? can anyone finish it for me?

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Gee, Leaper, tell me how women's rights detract from the rights of men. Just give me one example of that happening. You obviously know nothing of feminism as a movement and the implication of equality. Why isn't FMLife adding replies where they were clicked?

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Eh. Twilight fan or not, Bella Swan did whatever the hell she wanted even knowing people would talk. Whether that's getting married at 18 or becoming some big executive, it's kind of what all those women's rights people were going for.

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There is oppinionated and there is bitchy and disrespectful. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the former as long as it doesn't become the latter. At least you ignore them and pursue an education anyway.

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it's the main character from twilight. not really relevant to the post, but i'm not the one who brought it up, either. 77 is saying that the character is anti-feminist.

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Bella Swan is anti-feminist because she gave up her friends, family, and life for some creepy abusive guy to have a child at 18. There's a difference between feminist self-actualization and clinical co-dependency, you know.

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OK, can't believe I am even having this conversation, but Bella Swan IS a feminist for living her life exactly how she chooses without regard for society's expectations of her. Way to have a one-dimensional definition of feminism, though.

elara15 0

Having never read the series, I cannot go into anymore detail than my aforementioned snap judgment. However, your simplistic definition of feminism needs clarification. Free will and feminism are compatible but not mutually exclusive because "choices" amount to anything. If I choose to rob a bank, is that feminism? If I chose to get a degree in physics instead of library studies, is that feminism? From the outside it sounds like that protagonist sacrificed her entire world and personality for a convoluted idea of marriage. (I don't know if she also felt coerced, but maybe.) That might make her an individual but doesn't automatically make her a feminist.

Why the hell are you people using a poorly-developed character from a shoddily-written grocery store romance novel as your central point for a discussion of feminism? Look up some names like Marilyn Monroe, the White Rose of Stalingrad, Emily Dickens, Amelia Earhart. These were real women that changed the world. Not some trumped up little tart in a make-believe world. (If you must have fictional contemporary examples of feminism, look at Hermione Granger.)

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+ ROSALIND FRANKLIN, Marie Curie, SUSAN B. ANTHONY, etc... etc... etc...

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109, 114. Thank you. That's all I was saying. She did what she wanted, screw everyone else. 121. We aren't the one's who brought it up. We're just disagreeing that she's an anti-feminist character, not arguing that it's the best writing ever, NOR that she's an awesome example of feminism. Of course there are much better ones. 117, I thought I made it clear that "choices" meant doing what you want with your life within reason, not robbing a bank. And since you haven't read the series, you can't really form an opinion on it. I'm not saying you should, just that the whole thing is subjective, as the many rediculous arguments prove.

americayay 0

Actually 15, a feminist is someone who believes in a woman's choice to do whatever she wants. A feminazi is the type who think every woman needs to be a ceo or she's a disgrace to her gender. OP, odds are, she thinks you're just acting like you know everything and you're annoying her. Otherwise, I'm sorry that your mom is stuck in the 50s.

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@#86 SHUT THE **** UP before I come find your sorry as and beat the living shit out of you.

Oh Stryker... You must never want to have sex if you think women are a different species... Interspecies relationships are illegal in most states! Guy's probably a goat fuc*er...

ydi for being from a shitty bass-ackwards country where women are so oppressed. morons.

theRovingMage 0

Er, before you go on a sexist rant, I would suggest you take a look at your basic biology textbook about what a "species" actually is. Then you could actually make an argument that didn't invalidate itself by your ignorance.

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she's correct, now go make me a sandwich!

187 it's not her fault what goes on in her country, she can't help if women are oppressed. Good for her if she's becoming a feminist, but she doesn't deserve to be told he won't be able to find a husband because she has her own thoughts

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And here are two fine examples of guys who will never get laid =)

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your mom sounds like a pathetic woman

I think you're confused about what rights we're talking about. when there's discrimination towards women, it means women might not be allowed to: 1. be a witness in court. 2. own property. 3. have a job. 4. receive education, or are told that women (not the particular woman) are too stupid to study it. 5. vote. they're basic things. we're not talking about women shouting because the percentage of females studying in a certain place is only 35%, and not 50%. treating both equally in every single thing is indeed nonsense. as for the OP - there are definitely people who prefer women like you. don't worry.

#226 please clarify who meant by "we're", because there's feminist out there shouting for that very reason. Feminist have fought for the right to go topless in public, ...why? because men have that right and of course since men have that right and women don't it is seen as unfair. its ridiculous #223 is right

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Seems that some are still stuck in the stone ages you slavering, bigoted Neanderthal. Go to Hell, a-hole.

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Tell your mom to shut the **** up and that this isn't the 1950's.

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This is why they didn't used to let girls get an education. You GO girl!!!

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I was just thinking that this is like The Help. Great book btw :)

Don't stop being "a liberated woman" everyone should use their brains and being willing to speak in a peaceful manor and have discussions on issues. Besides I would rather date a woman that can tell me that I am wrong and then we can discuss why I am wrong and find common ground. Keep it up, your doing the right thing.

drewpy and 2chances2fail are right. OP you shoulda slapped that bitch down for that. Keep it up OP and keep speaking your mind.

You see the thing is, a woman who can tell you that you are wrong will slowly morph into her always being right. Then you will have an unpleasant marriage. And besides you don't know since you say you would rather have that. Honestly you really don't want a woman like that.

Your mom is an idiot. Tell her to go **** herself.

effedupdays 0

I second this. OP **** your mom !! my mom says the same thing. I rather not marry than be a door mat for another man who believes I can't speak my mind. Its 2010 not 1919 -_-

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There are plenty of men out there who appreciate a woman who has her own opinions. Don't let your mom discourage you!

lol not in any muslim area like Oman. if you aren't a spineless, mindless slave, you're a dishonour to your family


random, you're right, women in more urban and modernized areas DO have the freedom and choice to express their thoughts, but when it comes down to marriage, families don't want a daughter-in-law who expresses her ideas and will go against the elders. Forget any muslim countries, i have muslim friends in the US and although their families value education, they don't want their daughters to show their independence and outspoken ideas in front of other families. In the end, it is all about how much education a daughter has and how she will accept whatever decisions her elders and husband's family makes. They DO have the freedom to express themselves, but it's not how a prospective husband's family wants their daughter in law to be.

A friend of mine graduated with a double first in her degree and was warned of the same thing by her grandmother

birds_fml 7

Point out to your mom that it'll only make it harder to find an uneducated, redneck husband, and that's not what you want anyways. Being smart will attract a smart, educated man who's not threatened by a woman who actually has brains. Ask her why she wants you to marry a man who would feel threatened by intelligence. Those are the men who beat their wives, after all.

Try paying attention to people's locations... There are ways to go about it in other countries...

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Wow I sincerely hope you're joking. Women are just as smart as men, and many women are leaders in the fields of science, art, politics, and more. I don't know who you think you are to say something like that, even if you meant it in jest. Why don't you come on back to the 21st century and stop living in the past.

women are smarter than men* there, fixed it for you

FireFlie07 20

You do realize that statistically women have higher IQ's than men? I know it shows in your writing skills.

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jnic 0

Oh? Because upsetting people for no good reason is hilarious. Especially when it's the group of people you're sexually and romantically attracted to! That'll totally get you places. I dare you to walk into an LGBT meeting and make gay jokes, or a group of black people and make racist jokes, and say you were just trying to be entertaining and funny. Yeah? Won't do it? Thought so.

theblondefriend 0

I think your comment would hold a lot more weight if you weren't completely and obviously a moron. If you're going to formulate a sexist argument, at least make it a good one.

#17, actually, neither men nor women have higher IQs on average, but men are more likely to have either a very high or very low IQ than women (higher standard deviation). However, the highest IQ in the world belongs to a woman.

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cherlana32 0

yes she probably did vote for Oman...where she lives...

Good call. Well, that's religious conservatism for you... I guess it doesn't matter which religion, or which country.

Hoax_fml 0

Actually Sarahbau, while you're right about men having a higher standard deviation, you're incorrect about saying that a woman has the highest IQ. The highest recorded IQ is a Korean man named Kim Ung-yong with an IQ of about 210. The person you're referring to is Marilyn Vos Savant, who's IQ is still a very impressive 186.

Really? Woman are inferior? then why did god use one of adam's ribs so they would be equal? and why did he make woman strong instead of weak if he wanted them to be inferior?

Hoax_fml 0

Syrathia, don't be an idiot. There is no God. And even if there was a God your line of reasoning is laughable. Ribs make equal - what?

lara522 0

before you start arguing about how men are greater and smarter than women, learn some basic grammar and spelling please so you don't sound too much like a hypocritical jackass stryker

tpag3r 0

obviously stryker is some 13 year old who still thinks girls have cooties, thats why he is acting like such a dumbass

JinxQuinn 1

Really? We're the bitches? Why, you're too lazy to even use proper grammar. And what the hell entitles you to be so superior? You CAME from a woman you blithering idiot. Women aren't superior, but neither are men. It's jackasses like you that need to stop bitching. What do you know? What do you know about the people who suffered at the hands of bigoted pricks like you. Shut up and crawl back under your rock you sexist pig.

JinxQuinn 1

You know women fought for their own rights, don't you? It was people like you that just got in the way. But of course, you're too high and mighty to pay attention to history, aren't you? Women have always been blocked by pigs like you, but that doesn't make all men bad. Thankfully, you are part of a dying breed that is stuck posting moronic, sexist comments on the Internet. You aren't even "man" enough to say that to a woman's face. Just log off, and go jerk off. Because there's no way a girl would date a prick like you.