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Today, I heard what sounded like high-pitched feminine moaning coming from my son's room. I knocked and walked in, expecting to catch him red handed with a girl. He'd just beaten his high score on Flappy Bird. FML
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That's really weird and I feel for you OP, but I gotta ask.... If you thought he was having sex in there, why would you walk in?

In his defense, beating your high score on Flappy Bird is almost just as pleasurable.


In his defense, beating your high score on Flappy Bird is almost just as pleasurable.

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if that's true for you I think you might have been doing it wrong.... or maybe I need to start playing flappy bird

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I wonder what the score was? Lol

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73, what I wonder is why one would moan like a female (even if you're a female, moaning is just weird for this scenario) just because a high score?

Completely justified reason to make a sound like that.

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I would if I still had the original app.

That's really weird and I feel for you OP, but I gotta ask.... If you thought he was having sex in there, why would you walk in?

thats what i thought do you want to see him or something?

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That's why as a parent they must make an effort to teach about safe sex and that they should wait. What would they do, pry their son off a girl? Teenagers will be teenagers, you can only hope they practice sex safely!

Yes you should teach your kid about sex and why they should wait. But I disagree with the whole "teenagers will be teenagers" thing. A kid will behave according to his values

To everyone who's trying to defend the parent, y'all are gonna make the worst sorts of parents. Even assuming that the son is under 18, unless he's 12 or 13 or something barging into his room is the worst possible thing you could do in that situation. I intend to teach my children to value sex as an act of love, something shared between two people who are in a committed relationship, but people will ultimately get their own views based on a whole range of factors - their upbringing is only part of it. I will NEVER 'ban' sex past the age of, say, 14, because the LAST thing I want to have is children who feel the need to have sex 'in secret' behind my back - I want to be sure they are doing the right thing (having safe sex, in a safe location) and I want them to be able to be open with me about these things - there is no way they are going to listen to anything I say about values or morals if I am not also empathetic and open to their beliefs and identity. If they are going to have sex, and God knows if a teenage boy really wants to have sex you can chop off his dick and he'll still find a way to have sex - I at least want to be in the know. Maybe this is coming from my university studies in developmental psychology lol Barging into their room in the middle of the act embarrasses your child, embarrasses his girlfriend, and doesn't teach them anything other than a lack of trust and respect for privacy on your part. You think a kid subjected to that will then adopt your values? Why would he see any merit in anything you say or do after you've humiliated him like that? It could even backfire terribly and make him want to be anyone BUT you. And it'll teach him that if he ever wants to be intimate with anyone again, he has to make sure you don't see it/know about it. I have no idea what good it could accomplish. If you really wanted to talk to him about it, wait until after the girlfriend has left, then have a rational, adult discussion with him. Sorry for the novel

He shouldn't walk in because no parent needs to see their child and another person's child in that kind of intimate situation. Instead, if his son were actually with a girl having sex, he should let him know that he is caught through the door and tell his son and the other person to get dressed and come out of the room. If they refuse to come out, then the parent should bust into the room.

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#68 "You would prefer the OP politely waits to talk to the child after the fact?" yes, because it's better than interrupting your child in the middle of having sex. Having sex is never something you should make your child feel 'ashamed' for - news flash, it actually IS a personal decision, and the morals and values people develop about it are also individual. In case you didn't realise, not all teenagers have sex purely because of hormones or whatever, some of them actually do get in serious relationships that last past highschool - not all teenage sex is meaningless. Parents are not supposed to be judgemental, or overly punitive when it comes to personal morals and values - ESPECIALLY if they want their own morals and values to be heard and accepted. Humiliating your child is not responsible parenting nor does it teach them anything useful. As for the OP 'not feeling comfortable with it' - what, would he/she be more comfortable with their child consequently resorting to hiding it by doing it at another house or hell, in a dark alley (like I know some people have)? That's ****** up, and bad parenting.

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#67, the 40s and 50s? When the teen birth rate was three times as high as it is now....

Sneezybear is the right one here... Barging in only creates a negative idea about sex which can **** up your kids sexual life forever, so many people are sexually repressed because of parents like these. im not saying theyre missing out on being ****** or something, im saying it can affect their relationships/marriages later on in life. Implanting the idea of sex as BAD can cause that to stick with them, even once its supposed to be 'okay' for them to do it. Because sex IS important in a relationship. its not JUST about having kids, its an important part of that emotional connection. If you show your kids sex is bad and that you dont trust them you WILL cause issues. My parents taught me to wait for love but that either way i could approach them about birth control cause theyd rather i do it safety with proper precautions rather than hide if from them. If you barg in on your kids like that youre teaching them its NOT okay to talk to you about sex no matter how much you say otherwise.

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I have to agree with #79 here. My parents made sex seem like this horrible act and never really spoke to me about it. I feel ashamed about even thinking about it. I'm 18 now in a committed and meaningful relationship and I have problems doing anything with my boyfriend because of my parents. I shouldn't feel guilty about my feelings for him, but it's something that I can't get out of my mind. My point is, making your kids scared of sex can ruin their relationships when they get older. It's something that I have to learn to overcome on my own without asking my parents for help. That part is fine, but it hurts me to know that my parents had to guilt me instead of trusting me.

67- The 40s and 50s? Oh yeah, I love a bit of racism, sexism and homophobia. Great values. Also, I'd like to point out that having sex as a teenager doesn't necessarily mean that you don't have values. Not every teenager who has sex is doing it with a "different person every week".

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#34 OP: *barges into thr door* You better be wearing a condom!!! *calmly walks out*.

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If barging in prevents my kid from getting knocked up/knocking someone up, you bet your ass I'm going to. Especially if they are both underage or not in a position to properly support the child.

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There's a thing called pre-ejaculatory fluid. That means a pregnancy can happen even without "the grand finale". That's why the pullout method is completely unsafe and not reliable. Please read up before passing information on to impressionable minds. I also want to add that "double bagging it" is just as bad as going without. the friction of both condoms rubbing against each other can weaken the condom and cause it to be more likely to break. Just in case you were going to try and recommend that information too.

if the child was old enough for the mother to even think he was having sex, then he’s probably old enough to be doing so. teach your children safe sex instead of being immature about it and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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His heart rate was probably the same as it would've been if he was doing it. Beating your high score in Flappy Bird can definitely get you excited

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That moment when your parents knock and youve got 1 second to make everything look completely innocent. Never works....

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Your username matches your comment perfectly !

True except in this case. This kid prob had a girl in there but was prepared for such a moment as this. Hence the high score on flappy bird. It's a perfect excuse

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To be blunt, I think the whole "parents knock and walk in without an answer" thing is annoying. For teenagers everywhere; parents, please give them privacy.

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Better to walk in on him beating flappy bird rather than beating his meat.

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I know this is a really crazy thought and all, but sometimes people make typos that they want to correct.

wow, i honestly did not see this fml turning in that direction.

And if you thought your son was with a girl... why would you walk in?