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By Matchtopia - 18/01/2012 00:21 - United States

Today, I was addressed by name by the liquor store clerk. I've never told him my name. He's just seen my ID many times. FML
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Your liver dude!! Your liver. Your damaging it!! Ohh Emm geeee!

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Or someone else's by now >.>

Could just mean that, OP, you're attractive. I've had to card people at various jobs over the years as a manager, banker, bartender....I remembered the cute one's names. Also do not see you or your liver having the problem that many others here keep bringing up. Just tells me there's something about you that caught his eye. It's a compliment really. No worries.

Well idk about that store but (thrifty liquor, here in Shreveport la) where I work, our computers show the name on the card the computer when we swipe it., and also we are required to make sure the name on the I'd/dl matches the card. It not really a red flag man. That is unless of course, your buying a 1/2 pint or even a pint of one of the following: 1) Seagrams gin/vodka 2) crystal palace vodka/gin 3)KD 4) old thompson, If you buyin one of those on a regular basis then you got a prob. Bc typically those are what the poor people buy for one purpose only to get drunk. Whereas others who come in buy crown for example, bc it has better taste and distilled and aged more so its better on your liver.

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Just go to a different store if it bothers you

The guys just trying to be nice? What's the problem?

You don't remember caz of how drunk you get after the visit haha

He must be some sort of robot. That would explain why his name tag read "BoozeBot 3000".

Its protocol. I wouldnt be too worried op. hes just trying to be friendly:)

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Ya protocol... But no where in the FML did OP say that the guy still checks his I.D.

Didnt say he didnt either... I guess we"ll never know.

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Talk about losin your liquor license

Ohhh drunkies today... Spend your money on something more useful -.- YDI

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... but alcohol is the most useful thing to them.

Sounds like you've bought a lot of alcohol. Your liver must hate you.

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Or he panhandles for a living and is in twice a shift to buy single beers from the cooler.

Maybe you should lay of the vodka for a few days…

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The doctor will know you on a first name basis as well when you destroy your liver.

on the bright side, you look young enough to have to show your I.D. a lot