By stillfuckingcrying - 24/02/2013 21:20 - Sweden - Kristdala

Today, my boyfriend made me play Slender. I was so terrified, I stopped playing 10 minutes in. Tonight, I kept hearing noises outside. When I peered out through the window, a bald figure in a suit was staring back at me. I shrieked in absolute terror; he burst out laughing. It was my boyfriend. FML
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that is fabulous. I love your boyfriend

Time for scare pranks to begin OP. scare him every chance you get.


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zero4life123 7

I mean, the story of it freaked me out when I was a kid, now the game scares the shit out of me...

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I wanna know how long this guy stood outside her house for...

I love being scared. The adrenaline rush is so addictive. I really want to try the game now.

DoctorWho4TW 8

It's all hype. Nothing really scary.

17- what were you trying to say? I do not understand your comment.

Omg! #48 Can you be my gf?!?!? Hahaha I love girls who want to play the intense stuff hahaha, are you a cod girl? Or halo?

You want to be scared? Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent (; Scared the shit outta me. Didn't even finish the game. Slender man however, I finished.

Dude, play SCP-087b. That game scares the shit out of me, but I love it.

DishnobFruitCum 5

If the story freaked you out when you were a kid, then you still ARE a kid. I think you're confusing Slender Man with something else.

It's a game. How did it go from that into her boyfriend's mother trashing bald people??

@86: But the story of Slenderman has been around for decades, centuries. The game just made the old myth more popular.

@100, slenderman was made up and spread around on the internet as a college project. Ever heard of the tree octopus? They even made full "mock"-unmentaries for both stories. If you don't believe me, google it.

zero4life123 7

Slender men the tale or the story has been around for a long time. The movie and the game just came out in the past few years...

DishnobFruitCum 5

100 - It's only been around for 3 1/2 years. The decade and century old legends are very loosely based on the Slender Man. Do you not know what a search engine is?

100- Slender Man was created about 2 1/2 years ago for a contest that started on a forum. Whoever created Slender Man was the winner of the contest, and had it made into a game. Slender Man being around since long ago is part of the myth the his Creator made up.

Time for scare pranks to begin OP. scare him every chance you get.

Damian95 16

Starting with "accidentally" locking the door. Maybe he will freeze. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Wait a minute, if revenge is sweet, and a dish best served cold, revenge is ICECREAM?!?!?!?!!!!!?? WHAT HAVEN'T I BEEN TOLD

Your boyfriend is an asshole, think he could have realized you were frightened by Slender.

Whaaaaaat734 6

Yes but not everyone has a stick shoved up their perfectly bleached asshole.

Ultimate_No 7

He did realize/expect it. That's why he planned the prank.

It's a joke, I hate how there is always people on FML that take it to serious

Yeah, nothing is worse than people who take it to serious. Wait, where is this "serious", and why are people taking things there?

Noor, did your boyfriend convince you to bleach?

I fail to see the joke 60 is defending. Oh wait, there was no joke, just a stupid comment getting thumbed down!

coolboy675 16

Jeez Doc, they're obviously taking it to Sirius Black.

LOL noor! haven't been on fml for a while, your comment is hilarious, but I think I laughed harder at your new profile pic.

that is fabulous. I love your boyfriend

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

The games not even that scary.

36 - Depends on the person and how much they've played it. It scares the shit out of me, that's for sure

Yeah! Couldn't agree more. Don't worry op you will soon learn to laugh about the situation

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

Being scared gets old, fast. I think eventually there needs to be a stopping point.

Are you serious? Come on, it was just a little prank.

He was just pulling a prank on her. There is no need to dump him.

47- Still though, you have to be careful with these sort of pranks. I'm pretty sure you've seen the video of a guy who broke into his friends house to scare her. He was wearing a mask and was holding a fake knife while another female friend was videoing it. The girl got so scared, ran outside and got hit by a car. She died! Also, I can't pull such a prank on my sister because she has asthma (which makes everything unfair). You can't do these "little" pranks on people with serious asthma, heart, spaz attacks... etc. That's why scaring pranks are sometimes dangerous and taken seriously. Other pranks (switching shampoos, changing passwords..etc) Is fine.

Which one are you talking about? Because there was one made after that was fake.. And then a couple more.. But I'm pretty sure what we saw was real.

But just incase I am wrong (believe it or not it does happen even if I'm a woman :p) , nevertheless, that situation/scenario can still happen in real life. I mean, even OP's name shows how she didn't find it funny one bit. Apparently, "she's still f****** crying". :/ (ran out of time to edit, sorry)

btstig 11

You must be new to the Internet #96. It's okay . Every thing, and I mean EVERY THING is real/ true on here! Don't let anyone tell you different.

Just because "some" things are made up, doesn't mean "everything" is made up. C'mon!

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I wish my girlfriend was like that. You have the coolest boyfriend ever.

My heart stopped halfway through reading this FML.

it's all fun and games til somebody gets dumped haha