By stillfuckingcrying - / Sunday 24 February 2013 21:20 / Sweden - Kristdala
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  WritingWrongs  |  8

@100, slenderman was made up and spread around on the internet as a college project. Ever heard of the tree octopus? They even made full "mock"-unmentaries for both stories. If you don't believe me, google it.

  jamnglamgirlie  |  17

100- Slender Man was created about 2 1/2 years ago for a contest that started on a forum. Whoever created Slender Man was the winner of the contest, and had it made into a game. Slender Man being around since long ago is part of the myth the his Creator made up.

  HaneenDixon  |  16

47- Still though, you have to be careful with these sort of pranks. I'm pretty sure you've seen the video of a guy who broke into his friends house to scare her. He was wearing a mask and was holding a fake knife while another female friend was videoing it. The girl got so scared, ran outside and got hit by a car. She died! Also, I can't pull such a prank on my sister because she has asthma (which makes everything unfair). You can't do these "little" pranks on people with serious asthma, heart, spaz attacks... etc. That's why scaring pranks are sometimes dangerous and taken seriously. Other pranks (switching shampoos, changing passwords..etc) Is fine.

  HaneenDixon  |  16

But just incase I am wrong (believe it or not it does happen even if I'm a woman :p) , nevertheless, that situation/scenario can still happen in real life. I mean, even OP's name shows how she didn't find it funny one bit. Apparently, "she's still f****** crying". :/
(ran out of time to edit, sorry)

  btstig  |  11

You must be new to the Internet #96. It's okay . Every thing, and I mean EVERY THING is real/ true on here! Don't let anyone tell you different.

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