Be careful what you wish for

By Anonymous - 01/05/2022 18:00 - Switzerland

Today, after two years of torture being secretly in love with a married woman, two months ago she initiated things and we became lovers. Now she says even if she divorces, she wouldn't want me as a partner, because a honest man would never "do what I'm doing." FML
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She's a hypocrite with a point. Still a hypocrite though. You shouldn't be cheating either way, OP. It's pathetic at this point


She thinks you're an honest man? Do you think you're an honest man? You both need to accept what you are and deal with it. I'm sure some will be quick to judge you, but others recognize the complexities of these matters.

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She's not right either. She's the one cheating. so she really doesn't have a leg to stand on in this situation as she's commiting the bigger wrong. It's like the situation of a cheating person discovering their partner cheating then having the audacity to be pissed off that the partner is cheating.

He is just as bad as she is. A person who knowingly helps someone cheat by being the affair partner is just as bad as the cheater. A person that does the latter is 100% as dishonest a person doing the former

She's a hypocrite with a point. Still a hypocrite though. You shouldn't be cheating either way, OP. It's pathetic at this point

She's not a hypocrite. She recognizes her flaw which is also his, and she's right that the two of them would have no future as a couple in a conventional relationship.

Someone who cheats while not wanting someone to cheat on them is by definition a hypocrite

This goes both ways. If they will cheat WITH you, They will cheat ON you. This may be what she is thinking from her perspective. However, you need to remember this also

That may be a nice bumper sticker, but it's not necessarily true. How come anyone who ever gets divorced ever gets remarried? The dynamics within a particular couple may not be predicted by the past relationships of the individuals involved.

Not disagreeing. I just stated the same thing others did, only differently. I know several who are now in great relationships after they were the knowing side chick that spurred a broken marriage. Yet also act as the woman in OP. just don't act surprised is all.

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Well, isn't she a hypocrite?

I mean really, you both shit the beds you made and you expect her to leave the man she first chose for you, when she couldn't even fully commit to leaving him first instead she cheated to have her cake and eat it too......I wouldn't want to know what the husband thinks of all this. maybe you should talk with him about it...