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Today, my mother requested that I return the $500 she had previously given me to help me pay for college. Her reasoning? "You work three jobs, you can afford it." I work three jobs because she decided buying herself a car was more important than my schooling. FML
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Wow, this got published! To give a little background, my mom had been telling me for years that she would pay for my first two years of college, though she's a fickle woman, so I kept a backup plan. When she withdrew the offer, I accepted the situation gracefully, and am now taking a gap year, working 77 hours a week, so I won't have to depend on her. Any resentment over the money is over the week's notice I was given, which even still makes me worry about her financial situation more so than my own. That she wants even the gift back does bother me a little, but I by no means expected her to pay my way through life, and am very much financially independent. Thanks much to the many of you who understood!

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not after she gave it as a gift. At that point it stopped being her money and started being OP's money.

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Well, if she wants to buy a car, she should be allowed. It stinks that she makes you return her gift, though. It's a gift, after all


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not after she gave it as a gift. At that point it stopped being her money and started being OP's money.

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a gift is something you give to someone else dipwad

#1: You look like a douchebag, and you comment like a douchebag. Sometimes I t's neat how the stereotype fits, isn't it?

10 - its okay if your english skills arnt quite up to speed..

And you didn't even use an apostrophe... This double grammar nazi fail is just too much for me.

Yeah it's her money but it was also her choice to have a kid. To me, bringing a kid into the world when you know full well that you won't be assisting in getting him/her a higher education is not okay.

I would be ashamed if my parents had to pay for me going to college. As an adult that have moved away from home you are supposed to survive on your own, getting babied until you're 30 isn't good for you.

#72 I kind of wish you mispelled something so we could have gone deeper(into failed grammer Nazism).

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I'm scatterbrained tonight. I forgot to add that it wasn't right of her to demand the money back if it was a gift or something like that. :(

it is totally different from our situation in china ,parents supporting us until we graduate from college

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Well... I hate to break it to you but OP clearly stated that the mom bought a car as opposed to paying for her college.

come to denmark, we pay our educations over the taxes :) so free education for everyone ;)

European countries that have free college are the nicest countries on earth. I'd be happy for the U.S. to just have better healthcare or free healthcare, let alone free college. Especially considering some people pay a couple hundred grand for college. My dentist said he has $300,000 in student loan debt. That's insane!

She GAVE him the money, so it would be extremely rude to ask for it back, and it's somewhat of a parental responsibility to pay for their child's college

It is not the parents responsibility to pay for college. College is an optional continuation of education and therefore should be the responsibility of the person attending. However, if the money was a gift then she should not have asked for it back unless it was needed for something important like rent or a doctors bill.

Man that sucks OP. I worked 3 jobs recently. I'm down to one now. I know how hard it is. I had to drop out of college because of stuff like that.

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Well, if she wants to buy a car, she should be allowed. It stinks that she makes you return her gift, though. It's a gift, after all

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if the mom is able to buy a new car, then she probably doesn't need those extra $500. just saying. OPs mom is messed up, can't she see her kid is struggling and working hard for an education?

Maybe she needs the extra 500 BECAUSE she just spent everything on a car? She doesn't sound like she's the best with money.

It doesn't say it was a new car. It could have been a thousand dollar beater for all we know.

It was a pretty damn nice car, and yes, my mother is pretty set. She's making about $78,000 a year, and living well within her means. It was definitely the principle of the thing.

OP I know that feeling it happened to me too :( But you can get get through it but it's gonna take awhile

It's certainly not required that she pay for your schooling, but on the other hand it's definitely not right to take back something she's already given you.

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Although it is rather pathetic of her to ask you to return the money she gifted you.

I payed for my own schooling and continue to do so. It's not easy op but it's not a right to have someone give you money. Not saying you deserve it or working three jobs is easy, but it's anyone's responsibility but your own in my opinion.

If a mother and a father think about having a son, before they do it, they should at least have money for your education, is pointless "having a son" to leave him with no future, my parents stopped buying me things since i got my first job, and i mean anything, clothes, games, books, etc, but they are the first ones saying that if someday i want to go back to school, they want to pay it

#78 So before anyone has kids, they should ask themselves "will we be able to afford to pay for our kid to go to college in 18+ years time?"

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My parents said if I wanted to go to college that I would have to pay for it myself. It's not their job to control My life anymore. My dad had the same deal. It shouldn't be the parents job to save for kids to go to college. What if the kid doesn't want to go to college? Yes parents want to see their children succeed, as I want my child to do. But doing everything for them teaches them to be like the Brits, super dependent on their parents for everything and pretty much on the mothers tit until they are in their 30s because the parents do everything for the kids.

My family has the tradition of the parents budgeting for college for their children. As they expect the same of me if I have kids. It has a tactile reason of being able to have 1 job and to spend the rest of time on college. However, academic success is expected in HS and College. I've also taken 50 hours of dual-credit courses in high school to save money.

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OP didn't say that his mother is supposed to pay for his education--what's wrong with this situation is that the mother is asking for OP to return the money that she GAVE him! It was a gift and she should NOT be asking for it back. FYL OP :(