By Man vs. Spider - 28/02/2010 17:05 - United States

Today, my house was the only house left that still had its Christmas lights up, so I decided to take them down. Almost done, my fingers brushed over a spiderweb. Startled, I jumped off the ladder and broke my shoulder. Oh, and the spider still managed to stay on my hand, giving me a panic attack. FML
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nutycowboy 3

I hate bugs...FYL

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"lol" is even more pathetic for a first comment than "first" is op; wow that's amazing. surprised you haven't died yet from other catastrophic overreactions.


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"lol" is even more pathetic for a first comment than "first" is op; wow that's amazing. surprised you haven't died yet from other catastrophic overreactions.

killabeast1 0

true lol

mmm, 1 is cuute(:

IDK how long ago this was submitted, but I'm gonna assume it was a couple weeks ago tops and say YDI for still having your lights up.

what does op mean?

You're subconsiously suicidle.

Original poster. The person who posted the FML.

neither can I but if he took the lights down earlier (Jan 6-10) he might not have met the spider

rauj13 0

Dude, I took down my tree yesterday. Some people leave them up until Easter.

bahahahahaha aww:( that sucks... if I would have touched that spider web I would have done the same.. bbrrruuuggghhhaaahhh spiders are nasty

dude247 0

I know people that never take them down and I hate it when people put Christmas stuff up before thanksgiving! pisses me off

baby_val 0

geez way to be A bitch?

Everyone knows and fears the Grammar Nazis, but it seems we Spelling Fascists aren't eactly influential yet. Anyway, as I was saying, SUICIDAL.

lotsologan 2

think of this from a neighbors point of view. "today I saw my spaz of a neighbor jump off of a ladder and break their shoulder. then shortly thereafter they started flipping around and breathing heavily due to some sort of seizure. oh did I mention they borrowed my lawn mower which I desperately need? FML"

The funny thing is UberFail isn't a grammar Nazi. You spelled exactly wrong...dumbass.

I'm totally agreeing with this guy, ydi for being lazy and leaving your lights up

conman418 0

lol there aren't many posts on this site that make you actually laugh outloud and this is one of them

ThuhBoss 0

This actually said, 'Due to my phobia,' instead of 'Without thinking,' before it got moderated.

nutycowboy 3

I hate bugs...FYL

spiders are arachnids which are NOT bugs.

They can be called bugs. They're just a different type of bug. Them being an arachnid means they have 8 legs. Insects have 6. Either way, there's no reason to hate them of have irrational fears of them. If you have a psychological fear of them, that's fine. But if you're afraid of them because they're "icky", just remember: to them, you're probably icky too. My sister is afraid of all bugs because her friend's aunt had a freak accident where she got bit several times by a deadly spider. I think spiders are cool. The way they move is very interesting.

Well, I hate spiders.

PsychoMerk 0

yay! :D gon go eat w/the fam! ha xD my fam is so fuckin peverted :p im glad im part of it :') agh! trying to get stuff ready for Gordo's bday in a couple weeks! :D ily! :3

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fucking copy and paste went berserk on me!!!! Dx sorry :(

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ashlynn610 12

??? what does this have to do with anything?

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my copy n paste went berserk :| sorry

om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

anela_fml 0

oh my god thi is totatlly something I'd do minus the breaking

bleh I fucking hate spiders.

jinxthejinx 0

that should be the law everywhere.

PsychoMerk 0

yeeeeeep :| I'm a criminal :p

with a bumhole pic

"Why do I feeeeeelll soo nuummb...."

ThuhBoss 0

Why does your question not make sense? Arachnophobia, look it up.

@15 LMAO!! I don't like anything that nature intended to hav more than four legs.

FYLDeep 25

Now trim your toe hair and stop googling spiders. WTF is wrong with these people?