By HereForJAMMF - 09/11/2016 17:50

Today, I've actually developed a crush on a guy I never intended to crush on, and also can't have. For one he's married and utterly devoted to his wife. And even if that weren't true, he's so far out of my league I need binoculars to see him. And to top it all of? He's fictional. FML
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If he's fictional and you are fantasising about him then his wife won't mind.

I would have started with he's fictional


And his name is Dean, right? Oh, no, he has a wife, then its Sam?

Jensen ackles has a wife. It's definitely him.

Dean Winchester has no wife, and Jensen Ackles is not fictionnal. So no.

I would have started with he's fictional

To me, it made the FML funnier, cause I wasn't expecting it.

If he's fictional and you are fantasising about him then his wife won't mind.

This is how I make myself not feel guilty for all 100 characters I have a crush on

Hey at least he can't exactly break your heart :)

I've actually had a dream where I dated a fictional character and then they cheated on me for my (real) friend. You can never trust your subconscious mind haha.

Don't beat yourself up. I'm sure we've all felt that fierce burning in our loins for Homer Simpson.

or in my case, Derpy "Muffins" Hooves.

If you're fantasizing about a pony, you need to get out more.

I think you should have started with the fictional part lol, but I can guarantee without a doubt that we've all been there. So don't feel too bad.

The OP shouldn't feel too bad. I'm a 40 year old that has a crush on a Equine from a kids show, that reminds me of a RL person that I have feelings for, but we will always be somewhere between "good friends" and "siblings".

Honestly, not all of us have been there. What about the asexuals, or demisexuals. People like that? A lot of them have not been attracted to fictional characters.

I have a friend who idenifies herself as an asexual, but she has had crushes on fictional characters

Asexual is not aromantic.

ohhh, outlander!

JinJu13 4

I'm literally in love with Castiel from Supernatural, and by default the married actor who plays him. I regret nothing.

Girl! I had to stop watching Supernatural to get over Dean.

Is his name Homer?

So who is he? He's not real anyway lol