By HereForJAMMF / Wednesday 9 November 2016 17:50 /
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  doodlecloud  |  26

I've actually had a dream where I dated a fictional character and then they cheated on me for my (real) friend. You can never trust your subconscious mind haha.

  Sammeydw  |  22

The OP shouldn't feel too bad. I'm a 40 year old that has a crush on a Equine from a kids show, that reminds me of a RL person that I have feelings for, but we will always be somewhere between "good friends" and "siblings".

  The_Bleeder  |  13

Honestly, not all of us have been there. What about the asexuals, or demisexuals. People like that? A lot of them have not been attracted to fictional characters.

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