By Jim - 10/03/2011 18:09 - United States

Today, my friends told me that they couldn't make it to my birthday dinner unless I changed the time, because I'd made dinner reservations that would clash with the new episode of Jersey Shore. FML
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if only there was something that could record things for you to watch it later, OP u need better friends

They are not your real friends if they think some shitty reality show is more important


if only there was something that could record things for you to watch it later, OP u need better friends

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people it was obviously a joke, op's frienda where joking i hope...

Jersey Shore is so terrible. I would stop talking to them on that basis alone.

agreed. find new friends who have more to do with their lives than watch a bunch of tards on TV do nothing with theirs.

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F her life for having friends who watch jersey shore

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kill them with your awesome

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66 - Ditto! I would, too. F OP's life for shit friends.

They are not your real friends if they think some shitty reality show is more important

your all just a bunch of ******* muffcabbages!

lmao southpark "it's a jersey thing" I love that show. :)

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I'm glad to know that my state inspires everybody to be idiots. :P

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, JERSDAY, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Southpark snooki for the win! That's the real jersey shore.

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Shame on you. Jersey Shore is extremely important stuff. It's more important than your family, your friends, your house and yes, even YOUR BIRTHDAY. JS waits for no man.

totally agreed. jersey shore is the shitttttttttt (pauly d allllllll da way bitches xD)

Isn't Jersey Shore that documentary about oompa loompas?

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yes does loompas that have that strange disease that makes someone grow without control while making them act like and think like dousche bags

Dude Jersey shore is the shittttiest reality show on TV... and that was cold to say because saying its more important than thier family and thier birthday.. HAVE SOME RESPECT!!!

jersey shore is the worst show on the planet only douche bags who think their cool watch that show

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I think FML should add a sarcasm button option to the replies, which will flag it with big letters saying "SARCASTIC COMMENT". Maybe then people will get it.

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18 you just look like a douche that would watch jersey shore.

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#18 you look like you would suck pauly D's dick if you were given the chance

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I agree lol I hate to have to miss jersey shore. what's your problem(: lol win.

jersey shore is amazing !! I love vinny <3333

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JERSEY SHORE IS THE WORSE PIECE OF TV EVER!!!!!!!! IT IS POINTLESS AND IT IS NOT A REALITY SHOW. It is loosely scripted and the world is going to hell b/c we put more time into MINDLESS TV THAN SOLVING WORLD CONFLICTS

oh god my eyes.. the caps lock fury is upon us :0 please good sir, share your opinion by all means... the caps lock will just cause people to talk shit to you though... nice try :)

Jersey Shore is retarded. They all talk like they just had dental surgery...

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Lame Friends = Lame Life (Jersey Shore sucks!)

no, you suck. jersey shore is the shit bro.

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you ma'am are my new best friend.THANK YOU RANDOM PERSON ON FML THAT IS SANE!

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yoooo not even. JS shore isthe shit ... i would dip your party unless ur super sexy

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jershey shore sucks and ive never seen it and i still say that..

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don't knock it till you try it :) I love jersey shore

Actually, I did try it. As it turns out, said episode was how about one of the orangies slept with everyone like a *****. So entertaining, wow! Prime television right thurr. TALENTED.

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it's funny? it's not supposed to be talent. it's supposed to be "entertainment". And all y'all who don't like it, do you have to be so rude? if you dont like it, cool. Thats your own opinion and we don't need the sass towards those who do enjoy it. kaythanks :)

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I agree(: I didn't think I'd like it at first but then I started watching it and it entertains me((: awe Yee(;

well that's highly judgmental of you.. it's actually a really addicting show.. it's amazing :)

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Cabs are here! its T-shiirt time Im goin to jersey shore...bitch!:P

Oh yeahhh, Jersey Shore, yeaahh!!! Pauly D is sexyy! :)

My respect for you has grown. OH YEAH T-SHIRT TIMEEE.

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totally agreed jersey shore rules!

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Your comment : Then dont be so stupid! i would cancel on you for being so dumb ! come on get with the program!