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  Link5794  |  18

F her life for having friends who watch jersey shore

  tona01  |  16

yes does loompas that have that strange disease that makes someone grow without control while making them act like and think like dousche bags

  sk8erd  |  15

Dude Jersey shore is the shittttiest reality show on TV... and that was cold to say because saying its more important than thier family and thier birthday.. HAVE SOME RESPECT!!!

  fthku  |  13

I think FML should add a sarcasm button option to the replies, which will flag it with big letters saying "SARCASTIC COMMENT". Maybe then people will get it.

  tbonea1990  |  0

JERSEY SHORE IS THE WORSE PIECE OF TV EVER!!!!!!!! IT IS POINTLESS AND IT IS NOT A REALITY SHOW. It is loosely scripted and the world is going to hell b/c we put more time into MINDLESS TV THAN SOLVING WORLD CONFLICTS

  MissBunny25  |  0

oh god my eyes.. the caps lock fury is upon us :0 please good sir, share your opinion by all means... the caps lock will just cause people to talk shit to you though... nice try :)

  NoOneLovesYou  |  13

Actually, I did try it. As it turns out, said episode was how about one of the orangies slept with everyone like a whore. So entertaining, wow! Prime television right thurr. TALENTED.

  wiggs5  |  0

it's funny? it's not supposed to be talent. it's supposed to be "entertainment". And all y'all who don't like it, do you have to be so rude? if you dont like it, cool. Thats your own opinion and we don't need the sass towards those who do enjoy it. kaythanks :)