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Today, I had to explain to my boss that using a wired connection instead of wifi won't stop his computer from getting viruses. He looked at me, open-mouthed and wide-eyed, like he was a 13-year-old boy and I was a pair of tits. Then he called me clueless and told me to get back to work. FML
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Love the analogy! Most people really just don't understand the internet though, all he really needs is something like AVG.

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Love the analogy! Most people really just don't understand the internet though, all he really needs is something like AVG.

Some people are just too ignorant to listen to people because 'they're my employee, not my boss' Sorry OP!

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I would just like to state that not ALL teenage boys are interested in ****.... Just putting it out there.

Yeah, some are interested in asses too y'know.

It's hard to understand how people are attracted to balls of fat on someone's chest. Boobs aren't genitals, just annoying heavy things that can feed babies.

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Well, if you put it that way...

Tell the boss he should switch to dial up then for maximum protection

#36 I hear 2 cups and a long string has great anti-virus programs

You'd better be glad they're attractive, or they'd be the mosquitoes of human anatomy.

Yes less they are gay there's a point in every mans life during puberty where **** and ass fascinate him

Teach him how to get rid of viruses so he won't look so stupid.

I think the boss needs to be taught more than that...

FML: The domain of stupid manager stories

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Sometimes when I see a hater, I throw tater tots at them and say "Don't hate, just tate."

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another simile would be, "He looked at me like a 16-year-old white girl gazes at a bundled gift of a new iPhone, a pair of Ug boots, & a cup of Starbucks coffee."

Ignorance in the work space? Whaaaaaaaaat?!

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I hate you profile picture with a fiery passion.

I thought I had something on my screen because of that profile pic! :/

Check his computer after work and laugh at all the **** ads he clicked.

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I work in second level tech support... You have no idea how many people are convinced that they're getting hacked via Bluetooth..

It is possible though, you just need to be very close to the hacker haha.

yeah, I used to be able to hack people's bluetooth, only if our phones were listed as always allow access, and in range. setting alarms on my sister's phone was great fun

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Lol that sucks. You just can't teach that old dog new tricks so don't waste your time OP.

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It's ok. The one who gets the last laugh...right?