By Oihana - 01/08/2015 03:30 - United States - Greensboro

Today, at work, I saw a lady leave her infant in a display crib so she could go shopping. When I stopped her and told her she couldn't do that, she said, "Well, I do it all the time". FML
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Call child protection services

CliffyB03 28

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.


CliffyB03 28

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

schreibergx93 19

This is exactly what should be said before 'experimental' studies with scientists... Just saying.

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OP should have waited until the mom walked away, taken the baby into the managers office, called cps, and wait for the mother to freak out over the loss of the chikd, go into histerics, and then watch satisfyingly as the baby is taken away in front of her.

Somehow I have a feeling a kind of mom that leaves a baby in a store's display crib to make more room in the cart for shopping isn't the kind of mom that freaks out about said baby missing.

She should have never reproduced

I got moderated for leaving this very comment on another post. fml

Seriously, this poor child is going to have a rough life if that's the type of parenting going on

I would honestly call CPS on her. This is no way to treat a child and god forbid if there is some creepy pervert who could easily take off with the child.

This deserves top comment

wow some people shouldn't have kids!!!!! I love all three of mine!!

Just because you love your kids doesn't make you a good parent.

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Yes seriously. 67 has a valid point. She probably loves her kids too, just has a dumbass way of showing it. Not saying you're a bad parent, just saying we don't know

He was pointing out your non sequitur whitnay. A flaw in your logic. Doesn't mean your conclusion is actually wrong. But your argument is.

Call child protection services

You should've told her " well I don't call child services often but .... "

well people like her wouldve taken her and put her in a different crib at a different store...

Shouldn't even say you're going to do it, just do it.

What an irresponsible mother :(

quarterbird 18

F that kids life

That's terrible, I would just draw attention to make her look like a bad mom

I don't think she needs any extra help or attention to look like a bad mom.

Tell her she's endangering her child. You should have called child services. Who even does that? Someone can just pick up the baby and walk away and pretend it's their own. Does she even want the baby or is that her way of getting rid of it? Some parents are meant to be parents....

that's kidnapping. CPS would arrest OP for that.

theamazingd 17

Reread the comment. They were saying that someone could take the child, not that the OP should.

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mother of the year.

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Dammit you beat me by one minute.