By Tyrez - 11/11/2014 21:57 - United States

Today, I lost all hope on making my project high quality because of my partner's incompetence. My partner, AKA the company president. FML
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Tyrez tells us more.

The project we are working on is a video. So far it looks like something we would have done in high school. He thinks that a screenshot means taking a picture of the screen. I should probably take your advice and do most of it on my own but make sure he feels like he contributed ;)

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I wonder if he also uses white out on the screen to correct mistakes?

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He's just trying to make you a better employee. At least that would be my excuse..


Steven696 6

He's just trying to make you a better employee. At least that would be my excuse..

Maybe a good enough employee to take the presidents job?

Standard ingredients of a group project: 1) Guy that gets screwed over but still does the project on his own 2) Lazy ass guy who doesn't give a shit 3) Guy that doesn't appear until the last moment 4) Then the asshole who claims all credit

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Now that is just ridiculous. Especially since I doubt his/her job will be in jeopardy whatsoever if the project isn't up to par. I'm sorry, OP. I hope you were able to find a way to get what needs to be done done.

This is why I always hate group projects. You always end up doing most of the work and there's always that one free loader that doesn't do shit

Make it high quality as much as you can and cite yourself for what you did! That way, you know you did all you could with what you had. Which is all you can do really.

And they say 2 heads is better than 1...

Take all credit and cleverly explain his stupidity without him knowing during the presentation!

This is why you delegate as a boss and don't include yourself ;)

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makes me wonder how some people get the higher rank jobs

A lot of manipulative people are top guys in most companies. IF he was really bad he could have just made people like op do work for him and then take credit.

Top management should always try to have the best possible co workers and aides at their side. He's only doing his job well if this is what you feel. Do your job well and you'll both be happy! Good luck with that