By Anonymous - 15/03/2014 21:02 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, four days after making a $100 bet with my balding, pedo-stache wearing dad over who could get a girlfriend first, he came home and introduced me to his new girlfriend. FML
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The 'stache got game. Can't compete with that.

He's had more experience. He knows exactly what to say to pick up a woman.


He's probably got more swag than you

Or OP simply wasn't trying very hard. Dad with the Stache is probably well versed in trying hard.

"He is probably got more swag than you"????

#22 I'm sure that #1 was contracting he and has, not he and is.

22 - Seriously? It's "he has"

Seriously FML? I was trying to be a dick in my last comment. Is that really what gets up votes nowadays? Yet when I make jokes in good-hearted fun, they're down voted? FMK community, y u no make sense?!

I'll try harder next time 40, just for you. Being a dick is hard for someone normally as nice as me.

OP's dad sounds uncannily like one of my university professors...

One should never use the word swag when being serious.

The 'stache got game. Can't compete with that.

He's had more experience. He knows exactly what to say to pick up a woman.

Or, he promised to buy her something if he won the bet. I guess either way is pretty effective.

I need these magic words capable of sweaping any woman of her feet, do you possess the knowledge required?

48 - "u want sum fuk?"

Like "hey, wanna get in my van?"

"You come here often?"

Don't underestimate Pedos. They might surprise you

In more ways than one?

If he's a pedo, you should find out how old the girl is...

Sorry I read that wrong.

Maybe he paid someone 50 bucks to pretend as his GF.. $50 profit :)

That was my first thought, LOL. He might've paid her...does this count as prostitution?

I thought that was for sex?

There's a chance he might've lied and this girl is just one of his old friends you've never met. But he is older, so he probably knows a bit more about picking up the ladies

So, how old was she?

Born afew hours ago

We all have different opinions on what's attractive. Just because you don't think his look is attractive, doesn't mean others think the same.

Our fathers know things we don't, learn from him.