By Anonymous - 30/03/2012 14:35 - United Kingdom

Today, while playing badminton, I was so distracted by my ex winking at me that I didn't notice the shuttlecock that hit me in the eye. FML
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Nothing like a good cock to the eye, ouch!

Commence "cock" jokes


i walked into the wall after cutting the onions for my gf.

That probably explains the "ex" part.

I wish my cock could fly.

Damn_Hippster 11

Lol he got a cock in the eye...a shuttle cock that is.

I love it when people say 'shuttle cock' instead of 'birdie'. It makes for good jokes. Such as: how many times has his cock been in Space?

Nothing like a good cock to the eye, ouch!

I see what you did there.

TunechiXXL 0

Yeah he enjoys shuttlecock - to - eye contact as long as it's safe shuttlecock - to - eye contact.....

Maybe it was her whispering eye.

OP should've been wearing protection

9, Anchorman 2, that is all. :D

Inheritance 10

Pfft who doesn't like good cock to the eye time to time?

TunechiXXL 0

Anchorman 2 FTW!!!

If only I was a space astronaught too...

RedPillSucks 31

ooohhh! Astro naughty!

'Cause there's lots of other kinds of astronauts, right? Thank you for specifying that you mean them -space- astronauts

Damn must of been one hellbof a wink

blcksocks 19

With that spelling, I am so glad idontknowyou.

I see what u did there

eatdemcupcakes 4

Clever girl...

towboater198425 6

What did he do there smarty pants misspell his comment? Then u couldn't come up with anything original so u said I see what u did there

Commence "cock" jokes

Cock jokes? Ma'am thisbis FML we have some class... Besides whats so funny about roosters anyway? -sarcasm on internet is pointless-

Hahaha... Shuttlecock...

RedPillSucks 31

Roosters in spaces *echo*

... and the bartender says, " why the long face?"

Brannie 4

it's ok. I'm pretty sure its not the first time you've taken a cock to the face before.

Brannie 4

shit, I just realized OP is a guy.

14, you might still be right

Did I just say "You're point is?"? Holy shit you guys are not thumbing that down fast enough.

Before the comments flood in- A shuttle cock is the thing that they hit back and forth. Not an astronaut penis.

RedPillSucks 31

1st definition ... boring. 2nd definition ... oohhhh!

It could be both.

There are other cocks that you can hit back and forth...

ShutUp007 22

Chicken abuse

LO388 7

Wow, never knew badminton was spelled with an "n"... I've always pronounced it like "mitten" and assumed it was spelled accordingly. Almost made fun of OP's spelling but then I googled it :-x

That's not something you should admit to on FML.

Even if you pronounced it as 'badmitten' it would still have an 'n' in it either way.

LO388 7

Oh, and also, YDI for playing badminton :)

Mearemoi 14

Says the person who never knew how to properly spell badminton until today.

Yeah, people who play badmitten deserve whatever they get.

nofearjenshere 12

I like badminton. It's the only game that I am decent in and can actually get into ... Other than that, I'm the most un-athletic person ever. :P