By kawood - 30/03/2012 11:32 - United States

Today, I had to sit in the hospital with my 88-year-old grandfather by myself. During the five hours I was there, he insisted on sharing the intimate details of his many sexcapades that he has had since World War II. FML
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Have you ever banged a nat'zee with lungs full of napalm?! ..Damn teenagers! With ther' books with faces own'em! Tweet'n n' twat'n! Brah't colors.. Listenin to little weezer's.. Whacker flackers.. And wizard khalifer's!!


He didn't fight in WW2 so you could shy away from listening to his sexcapades!

What a "playa".

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DAMN! So you probably know about our night in the woods -_____-

He probably misses his old days. Most of the old people always live in the past, because those are the best times of their life.

appreciate your elders!

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"Back in my day we used a sock, not those conflounded condoms you young'ns have today"

I remember Nam. I love the smell of ****** in the morning. get it apocalypse now

That's awkward!

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Hey, that's a lot better than hearing about his illnesses or other medical problems.

Well definitly true, much much better

The awkwardness comes from the fact that OP is the *granddaughter* listening to her *grandfather's* sexcapade stories. It's just as bad as it would be for her to listen to her father's one-night stand stories. Definitely not as awkward had OP been a boy.

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Wonderful learning experience.

Record it, write it up as a compelling true-life story, and publish it for us to see! :D

Your grandfather is kind of awesome... I think I am jealous

ditto! stop being a wuss and listen up! it's not like your life will ever be as interesting, OP!

Wow. That's just... Plain Gross.

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If it wasn't grross this would not have been an FML.

If it wasn't gross, then it would be... IMPOSSIBRU... for it to get on the site.

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Grandfather: and there was that ONE time - in the woods... Lol :) sounds like something my grandpa would say-

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Hopefully he never caught any STD

Tiger* Unless you were trying to attract perdix in for another chat about eggos ;)

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You took notes, right?