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Today, I was pitching at a fastpitch softball game. The other team chanted about the ball being too high and almost hitting the batter in the eye. After throwing the next pitch, the ball was savagely returned by the batter, straight into my eyes. FML
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I thought you were trained to keep your eye on the ball, not the other way around.


TheDrifter 23

So many fmls about mishandled balls. First Mr. Scratch'n'sniff, then the Brony and now this poor soul.

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Makes the whole world go blind

Except it was almost-an-eye for an eye.

An eye for an eye you will still have two eyes... Psht pfft. You people are so silly. An eye making another eye blind. Ha! Good one.

didn't realize :( ahhh the thumb downs begin.

Makes everyone look funny because everybody only has one eye.

I thought you were trained to keep your eye on the ball, not the other way around.

Angelrose2004 17

Only if you consider the hospital a base.

peve3 12

If you're on defense, you don't take the base. She was pitching.

Sometimes it all happens so fast, that you don't have time to react! You'd only know if you where a fast pitch pitcher!

That reminds of when I was playing baseball with my brother and I hit the ball straight towards him and instead of dodging it he ran towards the ball

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Maybe if you paid attention instead listening to everyone, you'd do it in a way that you wouldn't get hurt.

getting the ball hit straight back at her isn't OP's fault, the batter just hit the ball at the right time for it to be a line drive to OP's face. also, OP you rock for pitching softball ;D

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You know, I actually pitch quite a bit for baseball and you would be surprised how fast you react to something like that. Your instincts kick in. I'm actually surprised OP didn't catch it.

peve3 12

Sometimes the ball is faster than your reactions. In softball, we end up standing about 35-38 feet away from home plate, and a ball coming at you at 100+ MPH doesn't give you much time.

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72 I just want to point out that college softball just got to 70-80 mph.. So I'm just wondering, where the heck are you playing?

mckibabe 7

Just kidding! Sorry completely read that wrong!

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Do you even know anything about softball? The ball can be hit so fast there isn't even a reaction time. So.

Really? If OP is a girl then finding a coed or girls baseball team is pretty damn difficult in some places.

18- so true! also, fastpitch is waay better than baseball. just sayin'

I watched my sister's 10u team and they could probably beat the varsity baseball team. And they came in 2nd in the state. :/

At least it wasn't a hard ball....That would have hurt more.

Obviously you've never been hit with a softball.

Softballs aren't just cause the name says they are, doesn't mean it's true

ALWAYS protect your McNuggets! Oh and in this case your face too! Lol

You were wondering why the ball's trajectory seemed off...and then it hit you.