By Anonymous - / Tuesday 19 May 2009 04:08 / Canada
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Oh No You Didn't Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Yo, yo, yo Oh no you didn’t! Sucka tried to play me But you never payed me, never Oh no you didn’t! Pay back is a coming You will be running forever Oh no you did! Till i get my vengence I will never end this mayhem Oh No you didn’t! I'm a mercenary You ain't gotta prayer you owe meeee Oh no you didn’t! Oh no you didn’t! Oh no you didn’t! Oh no you didn’t! Oh no you didn’t! Didn't you oh no You didn't pay me what you owe me So n

HAHA, i procrastinated from my homework by cleaning my pencil case out. also, I have the same calculator as you. *hi-five*


My procrastinating is organizing g my entire room, including my closet, desk, under my bed and backpack repeatedly. I love organizing things:)

Hey,those things are expensive. Does it work using alcohol to clean them? Oh and I have found from personal experience, procrastination seems to work wonders for me; that pressure motivates me to study harder. BTW,no offense but who studies for an English test? The ones I mostly had to do back then was essays and no way to study for the annoying things

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