By EdgardoP - 26/06/2012 15:08 - United States - Allentown

Today, I got a cramp while swimming. It took the lifeguard 5 minutes to stop flirting with a girl before trying to help me. FML
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The only thing i could thonk of when i read this was Patrick Star.


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mylifesucks_fml 1

it's sad that you were calm enough to struggle for 5 minutes and notice the life guard... usually people just splash like hell until they feel something!

DontModMeDammit 10

When I use to be a lifeguard I knew plenty of people that would fall asleep on stand, kinda sad how little people care.

Next time, and only if you're close enough to be heard by someone else, try calling them for help... But do not try so hard that you sink over it, either. Maybe other people are willing to help without getting paid for it.

bfsd42 20

Threadjackers. Come on now people. Not a single reply is even slightly related to 1's comment.

a cramp shouldn't make you need the lifeguard.... at least you weren't drowning!

DontModMeDammit 10

65, technically they are all about the same FML, so in some way they are related.

How do you even get a cramp? Swimming is so easy

DontModMeDammit 10

110, I get foot cramps sleeping, last time I checked sleeping is easier then swimming.

tromo47 13

I hate those. You wake up and don't feel a thing. Then the cramp hits and youre biting your pillow so you don't scream.

DontModMeDammit 10

121, some advice, straighten out your leg, then get up and walk to your door then it should be gone.

Oreohugzpenny 4

That life guard better be a catch!!!!

66, you've clearly never gotten an excruciatingly painful cramp while swimming. It's not so easy to swim when your leg/foot/arm/whatever is not usable because of a cramp

The first thing I thought of when reading that fml is that being able to swim for 5 minutes with a real cramp ( not just a little tingling but excruciating pain) is actually very unlikely. Fyl for having shitty lifeguards there and ydi for either exaggerating alot or if you really stayed afloat for 5 minutes, ydi for not simply "floating" to the side of the pool.

When I get cramp in my foot when swimming, it feels like my toes are crossing over one another. Does anyone else get this feeling (just interested)?

Potassium should help keep away cramps. Eat all the bananas!

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The only thing i could thonk of when i read this was Patrick Star.

Made you thonk of him eh? Sometimes auto correct can be your friend!

Woops. I need to turn auto correct back on, on my ipod. I wouldn't even have realized i made that mistake.

Why is it such a big deal if someone misspelled a word?? You still understood him anyways!

thatKidzmOm 10

The word thonk made me giggle. Thank you for brightening my lunch hour!

FMMFL1992 3

I guess Alan got to 36's comment.

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I'm sorry you didn't find my joke very punny

18- Who cares if it sounds like someone was trying too hard? Does it really matter?? It's just a comment... Smh

If I want to attach unnecessary amounts of meaning to inconsequential stuff, I will!

5 - You can only use puns if you apologize right away =P That seems to be how it works anyway.

I believe you mean "butt", as in the body part ;)

MindFreakazoid 10

"I still didn't get my ice cream..." XD gotta love Patrick. Hey maybe OP didn't get his/her ice cream either!

This I patrick star we are talking about. It's but.

uJelly24 1

Is this the krusty Krab?NO THIS IS PATRICK!

I totally read this wrong. I thought 'cramp' was 'crap' ... awk...

Hopefully the girl thought the lifeguard wasn't worth it in the end if he can't even do his job. Maybe it will teach him a lesson.

Briiyahh 7

He should be fired!! Glad your okay now :)