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  Screwie  |  25

Next time, and only if you're close enough to be heard by someone else, try calling them for help... But do not try so hard that you sink over it, either.

Maybe other people are willing to help without getting paid for it.

  boschwachter  |  7

66, you've clearly never gotten an excruciatingly painful cramp while swimming. It's not so easy to swim when your leg/foot/arm/whatever is not usable because of a cramp

  geko911  |  22

The first thing I thought of when reading that fml is that being able to swim for 5 minutes with a real cramp ( not just a little tingling but excruciating pain) is actually very unlikely. Fyl for having shitty lifeguards there and ydi for either exaggerating alot or if you really stayed afloat for 5 minutes, ydi for not simply "floating" to the side of the pool.

  efemel94  |  7

When I get cramp in my foot when swimming, it feels like my toes are crossing over one another. Does anyone else get this feeling (just interested)?