By GeriGeriBoBeri - 28/12/2011 08:59 - United States

Today, I locked my keys in my car at a gas station. A man stopped to help me with a wire hanger. After about 20 min in the freezing weather, he was getting close to unlocking it when I looked over at the passenger door to see that it was unlocked. All the doors were unlocked but the driver's side. FML
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Atleast you didn't call AAA. That would've been 10x embarrassing.

How did you lock only your driver-side door and nothing else? Moreover why would that have solved anything? The only person it probably would have deterred was you. XD

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#32: if you manually lock a car door it won't lock the rest of the car.

Ur mom shouldve been the one to use the hanger

47- OP shouldn't be driving if he or she can't even remember locking only that door.

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#49 "it happens to the best of us" lol


In my car if you just lock the drivers door all the doors will lock so I get his point

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I blame women driving. Must be. A stranger wouldn't help a non-women on a shitty weather. Henceforth, I declare that the car wasn't trolling but that the women had only a case of out-of-the-kitchen disyness which lead to the situation.

Sucks for the guy trying to be nice. OP deserves it. Come on who wouldn't check the other doors?

Looks like the drivers side of your brain is locked also.

Well, common sense says check ALL the doors, so YDI.

AND there was a guy helping them. He didn't even check either.

Derp. That sucks. You deserve it. But that doesn't mean it wasn't a pain in the ass. Good lesson though. From now on check all doors!

First comment gets shot down, it's okay though... That is FML for you

Lol. I'm not worried at all! I do believe there's a saying : " haters gonna hate." Anyhow, I was amused to see that people read it, regardless of getting thumbed down.