By GeriGeriBoBeri / Wednesday 28 December 2011 08:59 / United States
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  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

How did you lock only your driver-side door and nothing else? Moreover why would that have solved anything? The only person it probably would have deterred was you. XD


I blame women driving. Must be. A stranger wouldn't help a non-women on a shitty weather. Henceforth, I declare that the car wasn't trolling but that the women had only a case of out-of-the-kitchen disyness which lead to the situation.

  Nekogami  |  14

Lol. I'm not worried at all! I do believe there's a saying : " haters gonna hate." Anyhow, I was amused to see that people read it, regardless of getting thumbed down.

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