By teapotrevolt - 02/03/2015 20:40 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, while laughing at a jogger that fell down while running, I choked on my French fries. They had to give me the Heimlich maneuver. FML
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Taking pictures

By Anonymous - 05/12/2019 14:00

Today, I was teaching a high school calculus class. I wrote a complex formula on the board. As I wrote, students asked if they could take a picture of the board and circulate it. I said yes, and I was pleased as everybody seemed to be taking pictures. Soon, I realized why: my skirt was tucked into my underwear. Within a few minutes, every student in the school had an email with a picture of my ugliest pair of floral-printed panties. FML
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Karma sucks, doesn't it? Next time, don't make fun of others!


Karma always finds a way.

That it does my friend. That it does.

some times through throat and sometimes through ass..

And some times it finds its way to you instantly. Why wait?

She chocked on Karma.

Her name is 'yolololol,' do you really expect her to spell good?

Sorry my sister was typing.

Sorry my sister was typing.

I suppose that's karma for you.

Jogger: 1 Karma: 1 OP: lucky to be alive

I would say jogger +2 1 for being overweight and trying to fix it, and 1 for having karma as their sidekick.

Well who said the jogger was overweight?

I'd of let you choke on karma.

damn really? that's messed up, I wouldn't be that cold :

Because your comment was dickish, I don't feel bad correcting you-- it's would have*, not would of.

There's also a teeny, tiny chance that it might be a joke and that she's not really a psychopath. Just a thought.

Maybe some of both. I thank you for the kind thought though.

You deserved it fatass(I know you're probably not fat but you acted like one)

So, all fatasses are rude, obnoxious perople?

No, #50. But OP was sitting on their ass eating French fries while they laughed at someone who's exercising.

Damn, did I miss Fat-Shaming Friday?

So...fat people are assholes?

I thought we had all agreed to let "YDI for being a fatass" comments be a distant memory of 2009

At no point in this FML does it even say what I was doing. It was certainly not "sitting on my ass, getting fat"

Guys, come on! It's totally obvious that they mean only fat people eat French fries, duuuh!

#135, what makes you think it's funny when a person gets hurt due to tripping and falling?

Payback's a bitch.

Thanks for tarnishing our Canadian rep, Op.

I know, I'm terribly sorry. I did apologize for laughing. I also apologized for him falling even though it wasn't my fault. That's just how Canadian I am.

I guess you kind of redeemed yourself

Justin Beiber did that a long time ago #8

It sounds like a comedy sketch. Person eating junk food mocks the person trying to be healthy, only for the food to literally almost kill him/her.

When Justin Bieber became famous he was an innocent kid. Murica' has made him the way he is...

Karma sucks, doesn't it? Next time, don't make fun of others!

OP had a sudden reaction to laugh, it happens to all of us, because it can be funny in the moment. It doesn't mean OP thinks it's funny a jogger got hurt. OP wasn't making fun, either. I bet you're (not) a saint. Sick of "karma" comments. We can't do things that are looked down upon, but also can't do good things because no good deed goes unpunished, so next time OP should... vanish into thin air?

I completely agree with 67! Op probably laughed as a natural reaction, not on purpose. Everyone knows that there is something innately funny about people falling. Why do you think all those YouTube "fail" videos get so many viewers. I watch those fail videos and laugh my head off and I even feel horrible for laughing so hard when I know someone's probably been hurt. There's no harm in admitting it's funny. And I'm sure op didn't mean to laugh and that if the jogger was seriously injured op would've gone to help immediately. Everyone needs to get down and step away from their judgmental high horses. :) Op: so thankful the jogger was able to save you, as that situation could've turned bad fast!

People saying stuff about karma, but if I saw me fall I'd probably laugh too. FYL OP, as long as you didn't make a big scene about the jogger tripping up.

And we'd all say you deserved it when karma bites you on the arse too