By Anonymous - 27/01/2017 04:00

Today, someone sent a dick pic to my 16-year-old, lesbian daughter. She handed me her phone and asked, "What is that, a naked mole rat?" FML
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"No honey, that's a penis." "… A what?" "Never mind, not important."

<p>Now we know why she is a lesbian.</p>


<p>Now we know why she is a lesbian.</p>

Yes, because that's how it works. She doesn't know what a penis is, so she obviously just became a lesbian because if it....

It's called a joke. Relax!

It's a joke. Calm yourself.

It's called a joke. Calm yourself.

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hahaha I say it's a great comeback. better to not know or take offense than to do so.

"No honey, that's a penis." "… A what?" "Never mind, not important."

That dude needs to improve his photography, or admit that he doesn't have the equipment for dick-pics.

Yes it is it's name is dick

Nice. Richard, the naked mole rat.

Kim Possible, is that you?

Nope... just Ruffus.

Nope... just Rufus.

Did she not have sex education...?

She likely did, but in sex Ed, you don't see real pictures of penises, just drawings, usually line art, usually anatomical (featuring blood vessels and whatnot)

Well, to be fair...where I graduated sex ed consisted of "here are YOUR parts" during eighth grade and "Don't ever have sex and you'll be fine" during eleventh grade so.... That said, though, you'd think the parents would have made sure their children were aware of the ins and outs of the subject at LEAST by that age.

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On the bright side, at least you don't have to worry about grandkids anytime soon

What is that? That freaky thing?

I surely hope she sent that as her response.