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Today, I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I went to see my boyfriend for comfort because I was in so much pain. The first thing he asked me when I saw him with huge cheeks? When would be the next time I could give him a blowjob. FML
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What a jerk!!! He might only want you for sex, Look for clues! Hope you feel better!

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What a jerk!!! He might only want you for sex, Look for clues! Hope you feel better!

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hmm... I don't see the problem here. guy was just being honest. maybe that's why some guys lie so much...because when you say "I want to know what you're thinking" you really don't. just an observation though. anyone care to add some input? oh and sorry about your teeth OP...I know that had to suck

are you suggesting hiring scooby doo???well that's what I would do

I voted ydi because I'd you think you're going into a relationship unwilling to give blow jobs then nobody will want to be with you. Now go make him a sammich and get out the vaccum.

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FYL indeed this totally ruins your life. Sarcasm over.

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you must been giving him plenty he missing it now

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Eat some hotsauce before you give him head again.

so I'm guessing #1 is single.. you should stop playing detective and actually get a life. and for everyone else on here who's saying that he was obviously serious because if he wasn't it wouldn't be on here your all idiots.. fml is supposed to be funny he probably said it joking and she found it funny so she put it up here

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she does deserve it for being his gf!!

now what you shoulda said is, 'well I dunno I promised a few guys before you so maybe a month or two asswipe.'

umm, she was willing to give ********, clearly as he said when's the NEXT time u can.. she just can't ATM coz she has a sore as hell mouth from getting 4 teeth removed.

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he was probably trying to be funny... but then again that's all that guys think about

Comment #111 is yet another ignorant generalization. That is not all that I think about; it's actually very far down the opposite way.

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that's funny, because that's not all I think about either....

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I agree...that was a crappy question to ask you! I would have hit him in his balls.

well just goes to show what alot, (not all, not stereotyping) of guys think about. hope you feel better op. and then when your better, dont give it to him, just as a punishmennt for him askingg youu that. (: !

this just goess to show tht most guys only have one thing on their mind. not all guuys, but most as ive learned. sorry to hear that op! hopee you feel bettter (:

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Well don't be a tease, did you tell him when?

agree with #27 speak YOUR mind ladies

Tell him you can't give for a few weeks but you can receive right now. I never asked about the bj situation but I was told not to use a straw for two weeks (or until the stitches dissolved or fell out on their own) so I am assuming it applies.

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haha someone did their homework! ^^^

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sorry that wasn't meant to go there!

Must've been joking. I know I would :P

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I'm sorry I have to get mine out this summer.

@deathcab7 I hate how most guys think that way. I for one, am a guy who isn't always trying to get sex. Regard her feelings, seriously.

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***** the matter with 120. where is your libido?! (and if it's just some 14 year old without desended testicles the nvm) -nuff said

that's harsh. I'm gonna have to say you deserved it for dating a jerk. I mean, unless this is the first time, you have to expect the inevitable

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what's wrong why don't u blow me u ***** I would force my dick in ur mouth and stop the pain

@ 190 well,duh,you're like 12 years old.

after you **** him when he's been circumsized

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u no... u think ur rite!! thnx for the info!!!! sry Op

heh I wouldve askd that too! jk not really but win for the bf! anyway sry about the teeth

Or he could've just been joking around

looks like Liz from my life as liz .

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omg yes! except with blonde hair...

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Edit: not supposed to use your teeth

But an honest jerk, and that's what all women really want.

I love how nobody ever considers that he might be joking...

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why is "leave him" everyones comment. it sounds like a joke, get a sense of humor or don't date.

humour? what is this humour you speak of?

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Because obviously, as it was stated before, if this was sad In a joking manner then it wouldn't be on fml and the op is being used for sex. Unless the OP likes being friends with benefits, she should leave him.

72 you ate retarded he said humor u just made itself look stupid by saying that dumbass maybe u should learn to read!

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that's how British people spell it, and he was kidding.

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125 I'm sure he was joking lol

what exactly does retarted taste like may I ask?

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make him score you some novacain

Dump him before he dumps anything more in your mouth FYL

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I really do think he was just joking around with her, and these are the type of jokes you find in an vetern relationship to be honest.

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Haha!!! sounds like my husband..

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ohhh woow....he really should be more caring....dump him

y'all have now joined tha I give bad bj's club

I love how everyone automatically says DUMP HIM whenever a FML like this pops up. How ******* lonely and jealous are you people? You weren't there. You don't know how he said it or how he meant it. He could have been joking and OP doesn't know how to take a joke for all we know. With that said, I agree your life sucks. Not because of what he said but because I know getting your wisdom teeth hurts like a ************.

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I'm not lonely, and definitely not jealous. It's the first time i've said leave someone. Even though he -may- have been joking, every -joke- has some truth behind it. He's more than likely using the OP for sex, I know it's possible he isn't, but chances are he is or he wouldn't have said something like that.

I guess I'll be the one to respond... Just as you assume we are all lonely and jealous, we assume the FML is to be taken at face value. We further assume if the BF was joking it would not be an FML... Finally, if he was joking it was a rather tasteless joke and the OP probably deseves better...

17, Your picture is of a damn cat. You're lonely as Hell.

Nothing about animals is funny unless they accidently get hurt. And tell all your PETA friends I said that too.

ibrett, WIN! and snickerdoodles, judging by your picture, you're lonely too.

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@ibrett: my picture is of a cat with some humor on it. it got cut off, so you can't really see the whole thing. thanks though try again,

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people only use people for sex. if it's not sex it's money. or some other selfish reason. all people are in relationships for selfish reasons.

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unless the OP hates tasteless jokes!

Not trying to flame you our anything but whoever uses the word ergo makes you look like a smart ass, and also I don't know why but it kinda annoys me, not because I don't understand the significance of that word but it just gets to me when someone uses it.

I've read quite a few FMLs where I've thought the other person involved in the situation was joking and the OP either didn't understand or didn't appreciate the humour. This is one of them. Yes, he could be a selfish jerk who only cares about sex or he could be like my husband; he would've said this in an attempt to make me laugh. It's possible it just wasn't the reaction OP wanted or she was in no mood to laugh.

i agree with you I would say something of the sort to cheer my fiancé up just cause I know that would make her laugh

The OP is lucky to have a boyfriend who isn't dull. (Im making the assumption that he was just kidding). My boyfriend would probably say something like this to me, and I wouldn't bitch about it or dump him...I'd laugh!

snickerdoodles,   Not exactly. Truth is we don't know, nor could we possibly know, what context her boyfriend said those remarks in without either him or his girlfriend telling us. You're missing the other side of the coin as someone pointed out already. He could've been trying to cheer up through humor, which could have failed resulting in this FML. It could also be that he tried cheering her up using humor and she wanted to share her funny mishap with us.   Then again, maybe he was serious but she took it as a joke; hence, it still made it here. My point: we don't know the proper way to interpret the facts presented before us and to pretend we do is fallacious. The above are just three scenarios I see as possibilities but all three of these could still be wrong!  I'll say this, however: in my personal opinion he shouldn't have said that. It's somewhat insensitive but, of course, I'm not in a relationship with this guy, so what do I know. OP, I've never had wisdom teeth removed but I've never heard good things about it. Feel well soon!