By Jenn - 16/08/2014 12:10 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I complained to my two roommates about housework not being done. They both put their hands over their ears and started screaming at the top of their voice. They do this pretty much whenever I say anything to them. FML
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headofmedusa 15

Do the same to them whenever they want your side of the rent.

popprock 13

.....Maybe it's time to consider getting new roommates??


headofmedusa 15

Do the same to them whenever they want your side of the rent.

Its like your the mom and they are the kids

They don't have to be childish about it though.

Just get a dog they clean up a lot of stuff.


Except that it takes a whole lot of training and a co-operative dog in order to get it to do all that. Probably not worth it in OP's case.

popprock 13

.....Maybe it's time to consider getting new roommates??

OP can't just kick them out if they all signed a lease. If its a term lease then she will have to finish it out or pay a fee to break the lease. Not many options here for OP.

I actually read this as OP describing living at home with little brothers subtly, avoiding admitting they live with their parents still. The behavior seems too childish for an adult.

CanyonRose 16
qdawg06 23

Do it the old fashioned way and bring their mess to them. I'm sure they don't want to sleep on garbage and such.

I love this idea. If they leave dirty dishes in the sink, put them on their bed. If they leave crap on the floor, move it to their bed. If they leave their toothpaste and toothbrush out, put it on their bed. This doesn't work for dirty sinks or bathrooms but hopefully they'll get the hint and start helping out more. Hopefully.

Hopefully, if OP does this, it won't backfire on her. They could get their revenge since they're very childish.

I don't know, my grandma used to do that to me and I would just move it all to the floor and go to sleep. Messy people generally don't care where the mess is, as long as they can still do what they need to do.

qdawg06 23

You'd sleep in your dirty dishes? That's kind of nasty...

mansen 15

It sometimes backfires. I once had a roommate who tried to blame the stench in the bathroom on the cats my other roommate and I owned, peeing in said bathroom. We finally traced down the stench to bitchy roommates wet, dirty towels starting to mold on the floor by the shower. We gathered them up and piled them nicely on her pillow and bed while she was at work. When she came home and discovered this, and our explaination of, "found source of reek, stop being so gross", she made it her personal mission to be an evem bigger, more insufferable psycho bitch until the lease was up. I ended up paying out my part of the lease just to get away from her.

She would take everything out of place (clothes on the floor, clutter, etc.) and pile it on my bed.

I do the same... any shit laying around in the house which is ridiculously easy to clean, will be moved to the most inconvenient place possible. Next dumping spot is their car... ought to smell lovely after a while ;)

TrinityNevada 11

you deserved it If you were that worried about it, YOU could have cleaned up the mess yourself

RusticChick 27

The joy of immature people... Sorry OP. I say move to a new place and hope for better roommates!

If you ever have guests, you should put a sign on the floor with "Caution, two 5 years old kids moving through the floors"

cryssycakesx3 22

through the floor? are they mices?

cryssycakesx3 22

you're cool.. I wasn't trying to "own" you, I was just trying to understand why they would be moving "through" the floor.

Why are they mices? Are there an infinite amount of mice running about through said floors?

Clean your parts (and only your parts) of the place. See how long it takes for them to get the picture.

Some of OP's parts may also be their roommates' parts such as the kitchen or the bathroom, assuming that they all share one.

kingdomgirl94 29

Clean just part of the counter you need and just the dishes you need.

I think the problem is that his roommates don't care if they live in a filthy house and are fine with their spots not being clean. It may be a very long time and a very disgusting house before they finally decide to do some cleaning. Like mouldy dishes disgusting.