Smooth move, teach.

By Faceplant - 14/11/2017 10:00 - United States - Port Orchard

Today, I monitored my students as they conducted a lab experiment. I was walking to the other side of the room while looking at a student who seemed about to ask a question. When she looked up at me, I walked into a wall. FML
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Did you try to become another brick in the wall?

Wall's well that ends well.


Did you try to become another brick in the wall?

Perfect experiment to demonstrate solid objects and their properties. Well done professor!

Wall's well that ends well.

All's wall that ends wall?

question of the day. What happens when a teacher walk into a wall Answer: student point and laugh then ask if your ok.

I think the actual answer is that the teacher leaves one heck of an impression.

or maybe you just like looking at her

I know that sometimes talking to students can be like talking to a wall, but that's not meant to be taken literally.

Not the first guy? to walk into a wall looking at a college? girl.

Those dang walls pop up out of nowhere!